What are B2B B2C C2B and C2C

What is B2A, B2B, B2C?

Different parties and contractual partners are usually represented in a market. In addition to private individuals, organizations and companies can also be found. Because of these different parties, there are different business relationships that arise. So B2A can be understood as business to administration.

This is where privatized companies meet authorities who enter into a business relationship together. Such orders are often designed for long periods and high order volumes. Such business relationships can be very attractive for companies.

Other types of business relationships?

In addition to the possible B2A constellation, other business relationships can be found on the market, such as:


What is B2B?

In addition to A2B, there is also the B2B business relationship. Here two companies enter into a joint business relationship. Here, too, the business relationships are usually designed to last for a long time and are associated with a high volume of orders. This can be lucrative for both parties. For one side it means sales, for the other side it means lower costs.


What is B2C?

Since there are public authorities and companies as well as private individuals who are represented on the market and want to be served, there is also the constellation B2C (Business to Customer). However, the duration of the business relationship and the order volume are usually designed on a small basis. This can be, for example, a one-time purchase in the online shop.


What is C2C?

But not only authorities and companies can enter into a business relationship, but also private individuals among themselves. So it is conceivable that a private person enters into a business relationship with another private person. Among other things, auction platforms can be named here.


Further business relationships

In addition to the business relationships listed so far, there are a few more. The following should be briefly explained:


What is A2A?

Authorities usually also offer services and "products". Authorities can also enter into a "business relationship" with one another, for example with A2A (Administration to Administration). An example of this would be when authorities have to access the data or services of other authorities.


What is A2C?

Authorities also very often enter into a kind of business relationship with private individuals. So with A2C (Administration to Customer). The tax office and the vehicle registration office can be given here as an example.


Define the target group at the beginning

When you start your business, you should decide who is your target group? Here you determine whether your offer, your service should be for end customers (B2C) or for business customers (B2B).

Because the choice of the target group, whether B2C or B2B, is important. Changes in terms of payment methods, payments, taxes, guarantees and returns, etc. may arise here. For this reason, you should think carefully about who you want to do business with.

In B2B, for example, there are no return guarantees, as there are in B2C by law. The business relationship between two companies or entrepreneurs is also legally regulated differently than in B2C, i.e. with end customers.

The tax is also seen as a transitory item for companies; for end customers, it increases the purchase price by the amount of the tax (in this case by the VAT). These are all things that need to be considered at the beginning so that you don't have to deal with them later.

If you want to work with authorities (B2A), there are completely different regulations here. As a rule, you have to be prepared for longer sales cycles. In addition, orders are usually only awarded through tenders. And depending on the authority, other contracts can be important, such as B. a confidentiality agreement or a police clearance certificate, etc.

For these reasons alone, it is important to know who you want to work with so that you can adapt and align your company accordingly. If you miss that, you have to take care of it later and that can rob you of important time.


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