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Electronic delivery

Use your secure mailbox on the Internet with the Handy-Signatur

The electronic mailbox "MeinPostkorb" is your central and secure mailbox for electronic messages from authorities. As soon as you have registered for electronic delivery, you can securely receive documents from authorities (extract from criminal records, confirmation of registration, etc.) via your free electronic mailbox.

Citizens can access their electronic mailbox "MeinPostkorb" in oesterreich.gv.at (under "Additional Services") and the APP "Digitales Amt". "MeinPostkorb" is available for companies in the company service portal.

When an electronic document arrives for you in "MeinPostkorb", you will be notified by email. You can then download, view, forward, print or archive the document.

What are the advantages of MeinPostkorb?

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Free electronic mailbox
  • Guaranteed SPAM-free
  • Safe and confidential
  • Open 7 days - 24 hours
  • No "yellow notes"
  • Accessible worldwide
  • Documents can be filed electronically
  • Shortened procedural times

Click Register for Electronic Delivery and get your free mailbox on the Internet today. You benefit from the advantages immediately.

E-delivery offers:

Highest security

... by using the mobile phone signature or citizen card

Your activated mobile phone (mobile phone signature) or your activated e-card (citizen card) becomes a virtual ID with which you can identify yourself not only on the Internet.
In addition to picking up electronic deliveries, you can also use it to digitally sign documents or invoices with legal validity. If you have not yet activated your mobile phone for the "mobile phone signature" or your e-card for the "citizen card", you will find all the necessary information (what is the mobile phone signature or citizen card? How do I get it? Etc.) under handy- signatur.at or buergcard.at.

ATTENTION: There is no longer any citizen card function available on the new generation of the e-card (since October 2019). A free alternative to the citizen card function on the e-card is the mobile phone signature.
More information on this: www.handy-signatur.at

Convenient access to delivered documents

... even while on the go

As a further essential component of service-oriented administration, e-delivery enables private individuals and companies to access electronically delivered documents around the clock, seven days a week. This saves time and money with increased convenience.

An electronic mailbox for all items to be delivered

... no matter which authority delivers to you

Official RSa or RSb letters are usually sent by post. If the recipient is not found, he or she must then go to the post office in order to collect the document there upon presentation of ID. With electronic delivery you save yourself the "yellow slip" and this time-consuming procedure. A one-time and free registration for electronic delivery is sufficient to conveniently access official documents via the Internet.

Absences are also possible in the electronic world

... in case you do not have access to the Internet

If you are unable to receive electronic deliveries for a certain period of time, you can easily deactivate your mailbox for this period. You will then not receive any electronic deliveries. Please note that in this case the deliveries can be sent by post as usual and that this absence only applies to electronic deliveries in accordance with the Delivery Act. If you are also a user of the Databox in FinanzOnline, you can still receive messages from the financial administration via the Databox.
If you - despite registering for electronic delivery - should receive a document from an authority in the mail, this is because not all authorities have yet made use of the advantages of electronic delivery. However, the number of authorities that use electronic delivery is steadily increasing.


Of course, the right to electronic communication does not apply to procedures and documents that cannot be processed electronically, such as the delivery of a passport, original paper documents enclosures or when entering into a marriage.

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