Why am I losing weight so quickly

I have to lose about 10 kg quickly at very short notice! Does anyone know an effective method?

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Hello, I want to lose 10 kg of weight as quickly as possible. My problem areas are my stomach and thighs.
Do you have tipps for me? Which diet is most effective and which sport burns the most calories?
Do without sugar completely. It's a really tough number, but it works surprisingly quickly because the body has to work as a substitute for it.

Unfortunately, however, all fast variants also have the yo-yo effect. After around 2-10 days, the body goes into survival mode and begins to massively housekeeping. Your basal metabolic rate drops and it increases even with lower calorie intake.

Fast and lose weight should never be used in context. I recommend changing your diet and exercising in order to lose weight healthily and permanently.
In general, of course, it is always advised to live a balanced and healthy life, but if you want to lose a lot of weight quickly, then you should definitely avoid carbohydrates at lunchtime and then take protein powder instead of a meal in the evening. it worked for me 10kg in 4 weeks! and then slowly eat lean meat and vegetables again in the evening
Heiko Heinrich
Cut off a leg :)

Sorry, I've worked in the gym once and everyone comes up with the same question. All lightning diets that do something like this have a yo-yo effect, and frustration over them makes you eat more.

In the long term, only enough exercise and balanced food REALLY helps! ;-)
Sophia Arnold
So for the first time 10 kg is quite a lot. I would not recommend you to lose weight so quickly. so you won't achieve anything. Have you never heard of the joj effect? You may lose weight quickly, but then you will gain double that again just as quickly!
So I can only think of fasting (at least 3 weeks, consult a doctor beforehand) or liposuction!
This and that
Just that you somehow do not consider that if you lose the 10 kilos and then keep your diet like that or then eat healthily that it stays ... you only talk about the jojo effect .. if if and oh and watch out blah blah if you do it right it is just as effective as if you do it "normally"
Nothing happens quickly.
Avoid carbohydrates and do sport too.
Remember that one kilogram of fat has 7000 calories.
The question is 4 years old! Nevertheless, I have been recommending the Montignac method for years. Please google, I can't explain that again here.
Eat less, avoid wheat and sugar. Four hours between each meal, fruit in the morning, carbohydrates at noon, and protein dishes in the evening - not after 7 p.m. The whole thing can be stressful in the long run, count on at least six to eight weeks for your 10 kilos if you want to do without intense exercise. A method from the USA to have a hypnotic gastric band set is on the advance. It works so well for over 80 percent of our female clients that they are actually full and satisfied after just a few bites.