Why are you a creature of habit

MIR method

It is said that humans are creatures of habit by nature. But is that even true? I hear this statement quite often and when I look around, it is also confirmed: I see people who always sit on the same seat on the train, who always use the same parking space in their neighborhood or who always go shopping on the third one Queue up to the cash register. Unsurprisingly, moving house is number 2 on the list of top stressors! After moving everything is different: walking through the new room is still unfamiliar, your socks and cutlery are somewhere else, the way to the bathroom is a stranger to you, you have different keys and you get to your house in a new way. Everything, just everything is different. Moving is often the last thing you really want to do.

We can handle change incredibly well!

Still, I don't think humans are creatures of habit by nature. When I look at how many (technological) developments have occurred over the past 30 years, I find it pretty amazing how easily we humans have adapted to them! On the other hand, for me personally some changes just don't go fast enough. I have relatively little patience and often don't understand why some changes take so long.

Use the MIR method to improve your ability to adapt to changes

The MIR-Method gives you the opportunity to show your best self. You let go of old barriers and make room in yourself so that you can reach your full potential! You have new energy, new ideas and take action.

Step 1: “Optimize acidity”. A body that is too acidic retains a lot of ballast. Your body has a harder time getting rid of waste products. As you improve your acidity (for example, by drinking more water), you will get rid of these waste products more easily.

Step 2: "Detoxify Any Toxic Load". When you detoxify your ballast, your body becomes more flexible and it can also recover better. You leave less room for toxic thoughts and instead harbor more mood-enhancing and encouraging thoughts: “It becomes you succeed! "

Step 3: “Uncouple Father. Uncouple the mother ”. Your parents' habits make you walk through life just like them. How did your parents deal with work or with themselves? What was your view of money or food? Break away from mother and father and you will break away from their habits at the same time - and thereby gain more freedom to develop your own habits.

Step 4: “clean meridians”.If the flow of your stomach meridian is weakened, you let yourself be pulled down by fears of the future and worry too much. You mainly focus on yourself and the fear of failure or falling short. If you clean your meridians, you can be in the here and now and have more space for other people. The large intestine meridian is largely characterized by holding on to something and not wanting to let go. People who have a disorder in this area like to stick to existing rules and make statements such as: “Because we made it that way”. These people find it very difficult for change to take place. Because you don't know what can happen in the future! Clear the colon meridian and you will become more flexible and more open to change.

Step 5: “Fill in all deficits”. Change takes courage, a clear mind and energy. If you have a food deficit, your thinking skills will be negatively affected. It is harder for you to leave your habitual thought patterns, not to mention to break new ground. At the same time, you lack energy and you almost can't bear to even think about change.

Step 6: "Bringing the hormonal system into balance". Your endocrine system is incredibly clever. If something changes around you, your hormonal system changes with you - it can also adapt! Changes in your endocrine system are not easy for you. Because of this, you need to work to bring your hormonal system back into balance. This gives you more flexibility to deal with changes.

Step 7: “Filling Basic Needs”. The inability to change is directly related to basic needs. Did you rarely feel safe during your childhood, were you not adequately protected and were there sudden changes? Then it triggered a deficiency in your basic needs. It is very important to replenish this deficiency so that you feel safe and protected inside and can deal with sudden changes.

Step 8: “Optimize Chakras and Aura”. Your chakras and your aura are closely related to your personal development. People with blocked chakras hold on to their old habits; People with a vulnerable aura become the plaything of everything that happens around them. When you overcome your fears and your energy flows freely again, it strengthens your chakras and your aura. You become more steadfast and flexible (without breaking) and get the feeling that life is becoming easier and that you move with you.

Step 9: “Clarify your life's work”. Change is part of life. Your body changes, as does your environment or your entire life. So there is little point in opposing this. Don't complain about it either. The trick is to influence as much as you can. Then you will enjoy your life and realize that the changes you are contributing to are positive. Your contribution can look very diverse: sign a petition, lend your neighbor an interesting book, bring a group together to plan a project for the city, start a website with awareness-raising articles, make inspirational videos for others, for someone to do cleaning or gardening, etc.

The sense of life

In my opinion, the meaning of life is to be active: by that I mean to contribute to someone else's life. This post makes you happy and makes you feel that you are important and that your actions have a positive effect on someone else's life!

Have fun making a difference in other people's lives!
Mireille Mettes

How about you? Do you like changes? Have you recently done anything, no matter what, to make a positive difference in someone else's life?

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