Which is the most widely used Instagram filter


Instagram is a great app for editing and sharing pictures. With 40 filters to choose from, you have many options. The problem is, those 40 filters are also a nuisance when looking for your favorite filter.

Fortunately, Instagram lets you rearrange your filters so that you always have the most frequently used filters close at hand. You can even hide filters that you never want to use (ahem, toaster). Let's take a look at how to do that.

With a photo open and on the filters screen, scroll through the filters until you get to the Manage option - it's not a weird filter, it's the settings!

To hide a filter, tap the small circle on the far right. In the following I turned off gingham.

To rearrange the filters, take the leftmost handle and drag the filter to the desired location.

You can also rearrange or hide your filters right on the filter screen. Tap and hold a filter to move it. Drag it to where it says Drag to Hide to hide the filter. You can reactivate it at any time via the Manage menu.

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