Are unripe avocados safe to eat

Is an unripe avocado poisonous? - Interesting facts about avocado in the diet

The tasty avocado not only provides you with a breathtaking taste, but also brings important energy suppliers for the body with it. But mostly the fruit arrives in stores completely unripe. Are unripe avocados poisonous?

General information about the fruit

  • From a botanical point of view, avocado, also known as butter pear or butter fruit, belongs to the laurel family.
  • It originally comes from southern Mexico, but today it is grown in almost all tropical countries.
  • You can easily get avocados in the supermarket all year round. Since the fruits are picked before they are ripe, they are often sold unripe. However, since the fruits ripen quickly, they are ready to eat within a few days.
  • Avocados now exist in over 400 different varieties and flavors. Inside it has a core that is roughly the size of a golf ball. Their pulp is usually yellowish and quickly discolored when oxidized with air.

Are unripe avocados really poisonous?

  • The ripening test: You can tell whether an avocado is ripe or unripe by the fact that the peel of the fruit gives way quickly to light pressure. If this does not give way, the avocado is still unripe.
  • Eating an unripe avocado could cause abdominal pain and cramps. An unripe fruit contains an increased proportion of the poison persin, which is also responsible for the bitter taste and has a toxic effect on the body.
  • Avocados that are unripe should have a certain degree of ripeness before they are consumed. Only then is the poison persin present in only small, harmless quantities and the fruit is edible.
  • The flesh tastes slightly creamy and buttery when ripe and non-toxic.
  • An unripe avocado cannot be spooned out with a spoon because the meat cannot be easily removed from the skin.
  • To speed up the ripening process, it is advisable to wrap the avocado in a piece of newspaper and store it for several days at room temperature. After just a few days, the fruit is ripe, non-toxic and edible.
  • For the most part, avoid fruits that are not fully ripe.

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