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The clinch of radical Christians with women's rights

With the death of the highest judge Joan Ruth Bader Ginsburg, what many progressives in the USA feared: The post of Ginsburg at the Supreme Court will most likely be filled by the arch-conservative Catholic Amy Coney Barrett. US President Donald Trump nominated them. This is particularly bitter, as Ruth Bader Ginsburg pushed for the legal equality of the sexes in US law and always faced the fundamental judgment Roe vs. Wade, which prevents the prohibition of abortion.

In the USA, the Supreme Court is the final instance in far-reaching socio-political issues such as immigration, discrimination, abortion and the law of arms. With Barrett, a high judge has been nominated who stands for everything ultra-conservative.

Turbo-capitalist Wild West

In her short time as a judge at the Federal Court of Appeals in Chicago since 2017 - by the way, her first job as a judge - she has always spoken out in favor of tightening issues on abortion. For example, for a stricter regulation when notifying the parents of underage pregnant women or against an abortion due to a disability of the fetus. It is as much in line with a liberal gun law as it is with maximum economic liberalism. Against "Obamacare", which brought health insurance to 20 million Americans for the first time, it is not surprising either. Barrett could therefore gain a lot from a turbocapitalist Wild West, in which women have nothing to report. That Barrett asserts that she can keep her beliefs out of her decisions as a judge should make us less nervous.

Obey men

You can't trust him, the contradictions are just too big. In her speech on the nomination as the highest judge, she paid Ruth Bader Ginsburg great respect. This has achieved a lot for women, "shattered" glass ceilings, according to Barrett. On the other hand, she has connections to the radical Christian community "People of Praise", in which women who drop out promise obedience to their husbands and the spiritual leader. Barrett said in her time as a professor at Notre Dame Catholic Law School, where she studied herself, that justice is only a "means to an end" but that the real goal is to "build the kingdom of God." Now imagine for a moment that a candidate for this highest judge's post was of Islamic faith and had uttered this sentence publicly - that it was actually about "building up Allah's Empire". That would be unthinkable, but when it comes to Christian fanaticism, the reins are loose.

Menacing radical Christians

The mere fact that Amy Coney Barrett associates herself with the school of "originalists" is threatening to LGBTIQ rights and women's rights. The legal view of the "originalists" is that the US Constitution and laws apply literally. "A judge must apply the law as it is written," says Barrett with conviction. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, on the other hand, pursued the approach of interpreting the constitution and laws in the light of the present. Well, this is simply necessary for all emancipatory concerns.

Amy Coney Barrett will take action against the Roe vs. Wade landmark ruling as soon as she has the opportunity. That much is certain. The radical Christian communities in the United States, from evangelicals to more moderate Catholic circles, have threatened fundamental women's rights for decades. Now, thanks to Donald Trump, they have come a big step closer to their goals. And that could become an American nightmare for women and girls of the next generation. (Beate Hausbichler, October 1st, 2020)