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Unusual and funny Christmas gifts

Unusual and funny Christmas gifts

What should you give for Christmas? - Well, original and funny Christmas gifts! Because original Christmas gifts make Christmas really cool. Christmas is not only the time of Christmas presents, but also of gift stress. Weeks in advance you are thinking about which gift is the right one. Finding original gifts for Christmas is sometimes not that easy, because the unusual gift idea should also suit the recipient. At Monsterzeug we take these problems off your hands! Christmas gifts for men and especially Christmas gifts for friends, you will find that here as well as personalized money gifts for Christmas! Let yourself be inspired by our gift ideas and shop from the comfort of your home!

What do you give for Christmas? - This is how you score with the right Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree

It was just summer, now Christmas stollen, Spekulatius and Co. are on the supermarket shelf. It was just November, now half of Advent is over. Christmas parties are constantly taking place, the signs of the upcoming festival are increasing, and you are increasingly confronted with the question of whether you have already collected your presents. In short: it is the highest railway! Because not everyone belongs to the group of the best organized who already have all the Christmas presents together in November. Do you only have a few weeks or even days left until Christmas Eve? No need to panic - you have already taken the first step towards your goal: You have landed in the monster stuff shop. And there, mascot Marty McMonster and the monster stuff team ensure that you will find what you are looking for in no time at all: Browse through the different categories, we have Presents for men, women and gifts for children, as well as elf gifts, monetary gifts for Christmas and other item groups are provided in practical pools. For you that means: Lots of gift ideas on a silver platter. And with uncomplicated processing, fast shipping and secure payment methods, we make online purchases even more convenient for you. What are you waiting for?

Christmas present - how to find the right one

There was still something else: a souvenir for the aunt, a thank you for grandpa and grandma as well as a small gift for the nice colleague ... If you need several great gifts, it is easy to lose track of things. Tip: First make a list of the people for whom a Christmas present is needed. Step 2: Think about what the recipient could enjoy and how high the budget is. On the way to the right present, the question of which one also helps Type should be considered - read on! The recipient is ...
  • ...athletic? Then not only practical helpers such as drinking bottles, headphones and new sports clothes, but also funny mini sports equipment (e.g. golf, air hockey, table football) are ideal for the apartment - because they can be used for sports even in bad weather.
  • ...interested in culinary delights? Then you should keep an eye out for exquisite dishes, special spices or fine drinks such as wine or whiskey - well packaged or with an engraved glass, the culinary delight is even better. Take a look at ours Personalized wine box - Christmas at.
  • ...funny? Then joke articles and original gifts such as printed toilet paper or funny USB gadgets for the desk are also well received. The good thing about it: Giving is even more fun when you can look forward to amazed faces in advance.
  • ...puzzling? Then you are spot on with funny puzzles that really challenge the brain. Invest in puzzles, tricky wooden puzzle games and, if you want to give away money, in the magic box. Because just opening an envelope would be too easy - and a real affront to the clever little head.
  • ...tech-savvy? Then nerd gifts are all the rage. These include "Star Wars" items as well as iconic computer games, delicious trendy lemonade or original USB gadgets that make life easier for PC addicts.
  • ...romantic? Then you score with personal gifts that reflect love and tell stories. This includes creatively designed photo gifts as well as personalized pictures or vouchers for regular joint activities. Why not make a voucher calendar without further ado? And the recipient can benefit from it all year round.
  • ...comfortable? Then give everything that makes extreme couching even more pleasant! A great remote control, a cozy blanket, personal coffee mugs and warm slippers improve life in the living room and ensure maximum relaxation.

Christmas gift ideas for men who already have everything

Have you thought about it, wrote lists, studied typologies and started surveys - unfortunately without success so far? What still helps now would be the gift recipient's wish list. Or gifts for men for men who already have everything! Voilà, no problem: In the monster stuff shop we researched unusual presents that are anything but ordinary - and provide so many ohs and ahs as well as funny moments of surprise. You have no idea what we've found. And if nothing helps, then take a look at our large range of original money gifts for Christmas. Click right now and let yourself be inspired!

Gifts for loved ones

It's always one of those things: ideally, the gift for your girlfriend or wife should be romantic, but of course not cheesy either. And it shouldn't be unusual instead of 0815. Have a look through our Christmas gifts for friends and you will find specially selected gifts for your sweetheart - personalized, with photos, romantic or practical ... There are a few things that your sweetheart has never been given before; enchant your loved one with unique gift ideas.

Money gifts for unfulfilled wishes

If you want to fulfill a wish and it has not yet worked out, you usually lack the necessary change ... So why not give away money for Christmas? In an envelope or with flowers is very unimaginative, admittedly, but we have some more original options for you, like ours Magic Money Gift Box - Christmas Fund: Insert money as instructed and first let the recipient figure out how to get his Christmas fund ... Fun for everyone. Or see yourself in our category specially created for gifts of money.

Great gifts for Christmas - creative and nicely packaged

Do you have all your Christmas presents together? Then it’s time to pack. Because with it you refine your present and bring a little more emotion into play. Wrapping paper (printed with Christmas motifs or timeless patterns) is a must - on to the freestyle: creative minds choose classic, brown wrapping paper that is printed with stamps or children's hands, pasted with collages and embellished with masking tape - it couldn't be more individual! Tie everything up with pretty ribbons, add tags or Christmas cards and put them under the Christmas tree. Or are you still looking for one Advent calendar to fill - XXL version? You can fill it with self-selected products or sweets and make the recipient a unique Advent joy!

Gift ideas for Christmas - our top sellers

The gifts that our customers trust? You can find it in the top sellers. Take a look and be inspired! Here are two of our favorite Christmas gift ideas:
  • TOP 1: Winner statue cup
    Not only well received by men: The noble figure is provided with a personal engraving and is therefore not only individual, but also expresses appreciation and appreciation.
  • ITEM 2: Candy grabber
    Popular with young and old, friends and acquaintances as well as women and men: the candy vending machine puts you in a good mood, is fun and lets us reminisce about past visits to the fair. Get sweets right away!

So, now you are perfectly prepared and it is up to you to find the right Christmas gifts. With us you will not only find the right present but also the answer to the question: What to give for Christmas? We also have suitable Christmas gifts for customers in professional matters.

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