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We are pleased to announce that the Sarbacane Group (parent company of Mailify) and the German email marketing provider rapidmail are merging.

This merger means that we will combine our expertise and market knowledge with immediate effect and will therefore be able to respond even better to the needs of our customers in the various markets in the future.

Visit rapidmail.de to get to know our offers for new customers in the German-speaking market.

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How can you create a professional newsletter?

The construction of a professional newsletter campaign requires suitable software.
It is incredibly cumbersome and suboptimal to create newsletters with Outlook, other classic e-mail providers or a graphics program.
You have 2 options: Either you know your way around HTML and then build the newsletter with suitable software (e.g. Dreamwaver) or you use a newsletter tool that allows you to set up e-mail campaigns without any knowledge of HTML create.
In general, newsletter software offers you the following:

1 Easily create a newsletter

2 Create responsive emails

It is essential that e-mails are also displayed on the move, i.e. on smartphones, tablets, etc. in a legible manner. Around 50% of all emails sent worldwide are now opened with a mobile device.

Learn more about responsive email

3Personalize the content according to the target groups

Professional newsletter software allows you to personalize your campaign, i.e. to adapt it to each individual recipient. Personalized emails are always more effective than impersonal bulk mailings.

4 Use professional email templates

In most cases, newsletter tools offer you a selection of ready-made templates that you just have to adapt and personalize. This can save you a lot of time.

Your recipients will be happy to hear from you

Seduce your contacts with dozen of great ready-to-use newsletter templates that automatically adapt to all screens.

Find out how you can create convincing newsletters with Mailify in just a few clicks


E-mail editor "Drag’n’Drop"

Creating newsletters couldn't be easier than with our EmailBuilder. Insert text blocks, images, etc. and move them around as you like. Change the colors according to your taste and adapt the email to your needs.


Attach attachments

If you wish, you have the option of including a file as an attachment with every message you send to support the content of the message.


Over 1000 royalty-free images

To further personalize your newsletter, you have a picture gallery with over 1000 free, royalty-free pictures. Use this to make your newsletter more appealing with graphic elements!


Insert dynamic fields

Personalize certain elements of your mail based on the information available to you about your contacts. First name, last name, age, address ... everything can be personalized, from the subject to the text content to your links.


Be automatically responsive

All newsletters created with Mailify's EmailBuilder and the templates provided are 100% responsive. You don't need to do anything else or have any prior technical knowledge. Your content automatically adapts to different screen sizes and devices.


Standard HTML editor / WYSIWYG

Would you like to import your own HTML codes into Mailify? No problem, our newsletter software includes an HTML editor in WYSIWYG that allows you to edit the HTML codes and CSS of your email templates.

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