What are the most successful AI companies

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the future of the tech industry.

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the future of the tech industry. It is a transformative technology with positive effects being felt in all areas of healthcare, advertising, retail video games, and urban development. Almost every aspect of our lives today has been affected by AI, either directly or indirectly, and the stock market is no exception. The purpose of this article is to help you choose the best AI company for your business. Here is a list of 5 companies to consider in 2019.

NVIDIA Corporation

If you are a passionate researcher into investing in artificial intelligence, you have likely come across NVIDIA and its important contribution to the AI ​​industry. At the top of the success are graphics processors (GPUs), a technology that has enabled improvements in the gaming market, automated cars and the processing of artificial intelligence data, among other things.

NVidia GPUs, along with their other platforms, support some of the most innovative AI data centers like Facebook, Amazon.com, Microsoft, and more than 1,200 other companies. All of these companies rely on NVIDIA's inference platforms and hardware. It's interesting to note that Google is currently using one of NVidia's latest AI inference chips, the Tesla P4. The company has developed its own AI chips that show how important it is. NVDIA's technology is important to the Artificial Intelligence market.


This is the parent company of Google and has used AI in a number of ways including improving search results, sorting online ads by relevance, and being highly applicable in the Google Translate app. In essence, Artificial Intelligence is a major driving force in any task this company performs. At the heart of its AI is Google's self-driving project currently known as Waymo. This is an amusement ride that recently launched its first amusement ride service that allows a select group of people in Arizona to have these driverless vehicles ride around town. Needless to say, the company's Artificial Intelligence is the main contributor to Waymo's success. It helps to process all the visual information on the road like traffic signs, pedestrians and the presence of other cars and so on. The vehicle is then informed in real time how it should react.


Artificial intelligence is not a new concept in this company as it has been developed for a new generation.

A few years later, in 1985, IBM developed its AI computer, which they christened Deep Blue, and a few years later, in 2011, the company developed Watson, which took part in the quiz show Jeopardy and the computer actually won! Despite the difficulties IBM has faced over the years, the decision to invest heavily in Artificial Intelligence has resulted in the company staying at the top of the competition. The strategic imperatives, which include analytics, cloud computing, and big data, generated $ 39 billion, or about 48% of total income, which greatly fueled the company's overall growth.

Mongo DB

In order for an artificial intelligence tool to be effective, it needs a lot of data. In fact, the more data you add to your system, the smarter it gets, and this is where Mongo Db comes in. Its job is to develop database software called NoSQL, a platform capable of sorting different types of data with the minimal human assistance required to operate. The purpose of MongoDB is to make sense of clutter, which is usually the case when it comes to input from millions of online users. It is noteworthy that investors are taking advantage of this technology and it is allowing this company to effectively manage their business.


This is a high ranking search company in China that is making a significant investment in Artificial Intelligence. This aspect has left a positive impression on its customers, who enjoy personalized searches and receive high quality online ads.

In addition, the company's AI has created other platforms, such as Apollo, which deals with autonomous vehicles. Recently, BIDU worked with King Long Motors to introduce the first fully autonomous minibus, the L4. The use of AI has allowed his company to realize massive benefits with $ 4.1 billion in revenue, which means that BIDU is increasing the altitude at a very encouraging pace.


Artificial intelligence has permeated every area of ​​our lives, and the truth is, it stays here. If you are an investor interested in AI, the first and foremost question to ask yourself is what is online trading and the technical details involved in this type of forex trading. Familiarize yourself with all of the software and finally decide on the most suitable company for your type of business, it is better to be sure than to apologize.