Vegetarians get cheating days

10 facts about the vegetarian lifestyle

International "World Vegetarian Day" is celebrated on October 1st. Year after year, this day is a reminder of the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle. We have gathered ten facts about the vegetarian lifestyle. It's VEGGIE-TIME!

On World Vegetarian Day, the VEBU (German Vegetarian Association) offers a comprehensive overview of current figures and developments.

1. The typical vegetarian

According to the vegetarian study by the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, the typical vegetarian is ... female, young, well educated and lives in a big city.

2. How many vegetarians are there in Germany?

There are now seven million vegetarians living in Germany, around 8-9 percent of the population. At least 800,000 people are vegan, and the number is rising. According to a study by the Society for Consumer Research (GfK) in Nuremberg, the number of people living as vegetarians has increased more than fifteenfold since 1983. At that time only about 0.6 percent of the population followed a vegetarian diet.

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3. Boom in vegetarian products

Vegan and vegetarian foods from soy schnitzel to fruit gums without pork gelatine are conquering more and more shelves in German supermarkets. According to a study by the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK), sales of meat substitute products and vegetable spreads have almost doubled in the past five years.

4. Restaurants and cafes

Purely vegetarian restaurants are springing up like mushrooms at the moment.

Our recommendation:

The lush green is now one of the most famous vegan restaurant chains in Düsseldorf. In the three branches in Flingern, at Graf-Adolf-Platz and at the Medienhafen, it can also happen that you "accidentally" do without animal products.

When it should be sweet: A coffee chat with dear friends - that is also vegan in Düsseldorf. One of my favorites for this is this Carrot Cake (Moltkestrasse 75). The lovingly decorated cakes and tarts are always freshly baked, and you can taste that too.

The green lily (Weyertal 15, Cologne) is not a fad of the veggie boom. Owner Elke Paliantis has been cooking down-to-earth dishes here from market-fresh organic ingredients since 1986 without a lot of frills.

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5. Moral reasons play the greatest role

There are many reasons why more and more people are opting for a meat-free diet. Love of animals and criticism of factory farming, the desire for active climate and environmental protection, the problem of world hunger and health problems play a role. For around 63 percent of vegetarians, moral and ethical reasons play the greatest role in permanently removing meat from the menu.

6th Veggie Week in Düsseldorf

From October 16 to 18, VeggieWorld, the vegan trade fair, is visiting Düsseldorf. On the occasion of the 3rd VeggieWorld, the first "FoodartVeggieWeek" will take place in Düsseldorf the week before the fair. Under the motto #GoVeggieForAWeek, everything revolves around vegan and vegetarian nutrition and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

7. Vegetarian cookbooks

You don't have to look far for vegetarian and vegan cookbooks because they are right at the front of the bookstore shelves. We have three tips for you here:

  • Greenbox from Tim Mälzer
  • Krautkopf: cook vegetarian and enjoy
  • Deliciously Ella: Ingeniously healthy food for a happy life

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