Why is SEO important 3

Why SEO 8 reasons that speak for it!

Many entrepreneurs still view the topic of search engine optimization, SEO or search engine optimization with critical eyes. "Why SEO?", "What do we need that for?", "But that costs !?" or "I want to see immediate results" have probably been heard a thousand times by all SEO managers.

In this blog post you will learn why SEO is also worthwhile for your company!

1. SEO reason: Increase awareness

Today everything revolves around the internet. A detailed ARD-ZDF online study from 2018 showed that 90% of the population in Germany now use the Internet, 54 million people in Germany use it every day.
Be it to get information about a product, to plan your next vacation, to check the reviews of the hairdresser in the area or to reserve cinema tickets. Everything is now possible on the Internet.
This means that regardless of what your company has to offer, your target group will most likely search for products or services like yours in search engines like Google, Bing & Co. However, every good and informative website must first be found by the interested party.

And that's where SEO comes in.

Have you ever called up more than the first two pages in your search engine and clicked through the search results? Rarely. Instead, you must have specified the search query more precisely before you clicked through the individual search results. Studies have clearly shown that over 80% of Internet users usually only look carefully at the first page.‚Äč

2. SEO reason: Cost-efficient & promising

One of the biggest arguments in favor of SEO is the relatively low cost. Classic advertising campaigns work as follows:
You determine a place where your brand should appear, be it on a certain television channel, on the pages of a magazine, in the newspaper or on the Internet. You then pay a lot of money for the placement to appear on the scene for a certain period of time.

Once this period is up, your ad will stop running - and it will stop generating traffic for your business. However, the websites that are displayed in the organic results directly under these ads (e.g. Google AdWords or FacebookAds) do not pay a cent for placements. While you probably spent a lot of time and money creating the ads, another one will also appear on the first page. The difference? Your companion did SEO search engine optimization.

The graphic below clearly shows the success of search engine optimization. While only 6.8% of the traffic is generated by Google Ads, over 93% of the clicks are made possible by organic hits.

Source: Sistrix (https://www.sistrix.de/frag-sistrix/google-ads/)

3. SEO reason: Trustworthy

Organic search results are consciously clicked on by the searcher and are not perceived as advertising.
The more authority your website has, the higher your ranking and the more potential customers will trust your brand.
Because only relevant and interesting content ends up on the first pages of search engines and that is exactly what users know.

Your work will bear fruit! You will see the first results after the first three months.
Even if SEO is a lengthy process and this means the constant optimization of technical factors and content, SEO has a long-term effect on your success. Well-optimized websites are recognized by Google with a long-term TOP ranking.
If you appear on the first page of the search engine results, they do not immediately slip off again (see advertising when placing advertisements, the number of visitors adjusts itself). With SEO you can generate long-term visitors.
Some channels will disappear in the future, but the internet and search engines will not.

5. SEO reason: stay competitive

Anyone who thinks that they can leave everything to chance and thus be found is wrong here. Your competition never sleeps either and is most likely in the process of optimizing your website. Don't miss the connection!
Many SEO programs also allow you to compare your website with that of your competitor. Who are your direct competitors? How is your competitor's site structured? Which keywords are important to your competition? Which of them are the same as yours? Start your competitive analysis with SEO!

6. SEO reason: customer loyalty

The positive SEO effect: A page optimized for search engines is not only good for search engines and you, but also for the user.
Because what is the most important thing for Google & Co.? The user and his needs. Search engines only want to show your users relevant search results that match the search queries.
A tangled backlink structure is no longer the yellow of the egg.
Simple navigation, good content and fast loading times are pleasing for both Google and the user.
A user who searches for something on the Internet and quickly finds the desired content on your site will leave your site with a feeling of happiness and may return or contact you.

Anyone who regularly does SEO or, at best, hires an agency for this, always stays up-to-date.
New trends, changes in user behavior, problems, errors and warnings on your own website are quickly tracked down through constant observation.

You can easily measure the success of implemented SEO measures with, for example, the following KPIs, so-called key performance indicators:

  • Rankings of your keywords (keywords)
  • Click Through Rate
  • Traffic by channel (organic through SEO, direct views, paid ads)
  • Bounce rate
  • Length of stay
  • Loading times (mobile and desktop)

Google Analytics enables clear monitoring, measurement and evaluation of your defined corporate goals.

The graphic below shows the positive impact of the Google my Business website through SEO optimization measures on organic growth.