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Homepage construction kit comparison: The best web construction kits for founders in the test | List 2021

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Homepage construction kit at a glance - our list of the best web construction kits for founders & startups, including a brief description of who is best for whom, links, tips and highlights.

As a basic rule, the following always applies to visitors - “what doesn't look professional can't be professional”. But if you as a business start-up cannot or do not want to spend a few thousand euros on a designer and a programmer, you have to look for an alternative. A good website builder is such an alternative - and not a bad one at all. The building blocks here are also made by designers, and what is not exactly right for your own company can be made to match quite easily.

Recommendation of the Gründerküche editorial team

We can particularly recommend the modular system from webnode: The all-rounder for both large and small projects scores with ease of use, good designs and extensive SEO functionalities. Here you come to the great web construction kit system from de.webnode.com.

Of course, the offers on the web are not all the same. To make it easier to choose between the numerous providers, we provide you with the most popular website builder provider 2021 in front:

WIX.com - High quality & animated designs

What also really impressed us was WIX.com. The provider shines above all with many high-quality and great animated basic designs. The multimedia functions are the best we've seen with the kits. At the same time, WIX remains good and easy to use and leaves a lot of freedom in design.

  • Packages and prices: From 4.08 euros per month (Connect Domain) and up to a maximum of 24.50 euros for the VIP ticket - the range and gradation of different packages is large and therefore good. Hosting is always included.
  • 1000 design templates: Wix shines with its quantity, but also with quality. The company has chosen the smaller websites in particular for the market: There are many templates for one-pagers available.
  • E-commerce functionalities are also available, but must be activated separately. Overall, however, WIX.com appears to us to be more suitable for smaller, less complex website projects.

The WIX website builder at a glance

Webnode - the 5-minute website builder

A very good all-rounder, both for large and small projects, is Webnode. It is very easy to use, the designs are well designed and have just been updated. Over 100 new designs that automatically adapt to each screen. The SEO functionalities, after all a very important criterion today, are extensive, and what we found particularly good was that Webnode gets straight to the point in every area.

Everything is neat and clear and you can work with it very quickly. In addition, there is also a very fair price-performance ratio: between 3.00 and 17.90 euros per month seems fair in view of the huge scope of services.

Webnode website builder at a glance

JIMDO - the website builder for beginners and professionals

JIMDO is probably one of the best-known providers. If you take a closer look at the site, you can see that Jimdo does exactly what the advertising promises. The offer is subject to a fee - but the prices are quite reasonable, especially with the offered performance, the price-performance ratio can definitely be described as good.

The operation is simple and fluid, the prefabricated designs impress with their individuality and really high quality. Over 100 design templates - That sounds like a lot at first and anyone who has clicked through so many designs knows that less can definitely be more. However, a limited selection always means that websites are similar because they are based on the same basic design. The selection of ready-made designs could well be larger - but you can also use Jimdo to create your own designs and layouts “from scratch”.

Packages and prices: The small package is sufficient for creative people, bloggers and the self-employed for only 5 euros per month. With Jimdo Business for 15 euros per month there is one Offer for entrepreneurs, startups and self-employed, Online shop operators can already work with the package for 20 euros and the all-round carefree package for 35 euros also offers an expert evaluation of their own site as well as an SEO add-on. At least you can try a free version.

The Jimdo website builder at a glance

Ionos by 1 & 1 - the top dog among the German website builders

The German internet giant also offers designs and solutions for the Do-It-Yourself homepage that are specialized in industries. This has not changed with the change of the brand name from 1 & 1 to Ionos. The templates make a good impression and the texts also look professional - but should always be individualized. Otherwise you suddenly have the same website as the colleague next door.

Prices and packages: You can use the free trial version for 6 months, after which the MyWebsite website builder costs 9 euros per month. The “Creator” account costs 15 euros and if you want to set up a webshop, the “Shop” account is available for testing for 3 months and then for 25 euros per month.

The quality feature “Internet made in Germany” should be emphasized: Ionos operates its own high-performance data centers, which are subject to the high German security standards and promise to handle data in accordance with the strict requirements of German data protection.

The Ionos website builder at a glance

Website construction kit from 1blu

1blu is currently establishing itself as the best price-performance tool for website offers. Whether reserving domains, booking web space or designing your own website with the web construction kit - you will find the best prices for almost all of this here. Over 190 design templates, free pictures and graphics, countless widgets such as shop, PayPal, blocks, social media - the graphics package of the construction kit is also great.

Prices and packages: Start web kit for 1.90 euros / month, Business web kit for 3.90 euros / month and Premium web kit for 8.90 euros / month

The 1blu homepage construction kit at a glance

domainfactory - put online quickly

Everything is there that you would expect from a web construction kit. There are also modern designs, content can even be dragged and dropped from your own website or Facebook account.

Packages and prices: Basic for 4.99 euros, business for 9.99 euros and online shop for 19.99 euros per month, can be canceled every month.

The domainfactory website builder at a glance

Strato - web construction kit with a huge selection of templates

Alongside 1 & 1, STRATO is another German giant in the Internet world. In a direct comparison, Strato scores with a catalog of 250 industry templates.

With the new homepage construction kit Pro, STRATO has given its predecessor “LivePages”, which was actually very old-fashioned, a general overhaul. Now there are modern layouts that also work responsively (i.e. for mobile phones and tablets).

In return, Strato does not offer formats for blogs, online shops or password protection.

The Strato website builder at a glance

builderall - web construction kit with automation

Above all, builderall wants one thing: to make the complexity of a website with all possible functions accessible to everyone. "... the most comprehensive and smartest platform that you have come to know." In addition to the drag & drop site builder, this includes an email marketing platform, animated videos creator, Facebook integration apps, lead capture tools, etc. Of course, this offer is not aimed at private family history websites, but rather at business people. The focus is on entrepreneurs. But there are also special solutions for online training - exciting for consultants, trainers and the like.

Easy to use site builder, responsive pages, automation wherever possible - with builderall you get a professional introduction to the web. However, you should already know what that is. Otherwise it will be a long, albeit exciting, journey to your own website.

Packages and prices: Website only costs 8.90 euros net per month, the builderall business package is available for 44.90 euros net per month.

The builderall website builder at a glance

WebSiteX5 - over 1,500 templates optimized for every browser

You can't complain about the insufficient selection of templates - more than 1,500 ready-made, really impressive templates are available, which can also be comprehensively adapted with very little effort.

A special plus: All designs from X5 are optimized for really all browsers - and look the same in every browser. This is not a matter of course - it is not the case with many modular web systems. And the greatest amount of time that web designers have to invest today is the same display on Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Dolphin - on Mac, Win10, Win XP, Android, etc.

You can also get a grip on larger projects with the sitemap - such a clear one
There is hardly any administration of complex page structures anywhere else. There are also many other extras, such as password-protected areas, extensive e-commerce functionalities, and much more.

The WebSiteX5 homepage construction kit at a glance

Web4Business - the web construction kit for every industry

What we also really liked was Web4Business. The approach to working in an industry-specific manner was impressive. Overall, the setup assistant on the site really impressed us. Web4Business is also a good solution for SEO. When it comes to creating websites that are primarily designed for mobile users, Web4Business offers one of the best solutions.

  • Packages and prices: The prices depend on the selected scope of services and start at 29.90 euros (Business Plus) and go up to 129 euros per month (Business Premium).
  • consultation is the special feature - nobody is left alone with their website.
  • In addition, web4business has a large Image database and manufacturer archives - from which product descriptions and images can also be used.

An overview of the Web4Business website builder

page4 - Small provider, real alternative

Sometimes it is not the absolute peculiarities that make an offer attractive. But the fact that not everyone knows it. With page4 you can also design your website - probably just as convenient and chic as with Wix or Jimdo. And maybe a little fancier after all.

And yet there are special features with page4, so you can create further designs of your website in the backend / background without this having an immediate effect in the frontend (i.e. what your visitors see). So you can plan a redesign or test new functions in peace.

Packages and prices: The so-called Orca.Edition is available from 1 euro per month plus domain. The customer determines the price between 1 and 5 euros himself - according to the fair use principle. Payment is always one year in advance - but you get the money back monthly if you cancel., The light version including domain from 5 euros plus two larger versions with more space and more mailboxes for 8 euros (premium) and 15 euros (professional).

The page4 website builder at a glance

123site - intuitive and user-friendly web construction kit

123site relies on an efficient editor and promises a first company page in just one hour of working time. Including responsive, Google optimized and chic.

Packages and prices: 500 MB storage space, 1 GB bandwidth and subdomain in the free version, free domain for 1 year, 10 GB storage space, 5 GB bandwidth, SITE123 identification removed, your own domain connected and e-commerce in the paid version for $ 12.80 .

The 123site website builder at a glance

Building a website - many ways lead to beautiful results

The type of website building with the construction kit is a simple and fast variant, which today, thanks to many offers and fair prices, represents a real alternative to the specially programmed page. A similar principle, with which you are, however, even more free in terms of design and, above all, features, are the Content management systems. You can find out how they work and which one might be suitable for you in our specialist article Our Top 6: Open source content management systems (CMS) in comparison.

Web designer, web builder or do it yourself - which is the best way to create your company website. We have collected the advantages and disadvantages for you, and give tips on when what is worthwhile (and show alternatives that you may not have thought of yet): Are you planning your own homepage? There are 6 options for website creation.