What muscles do tire flips exercise

Strongman - training for real men

Push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups - let's be honest: these classic exercises have long since ceased to entice anyone off the couch with enthusiasm. So it's high time for a training session for real men! The magic word is: Strongman!
How does the strongman work?
The structure of a strongman is similar to that of any other circle. You can choose, for example, 30 seconds of stress / 15 seconds of break as the intervals. At the beginning, however, you should perhaps make the breaks a little longer so that the movement does not suffer. After you've completed one exercise, move on to the next. To get you started, I will show you 4 example exercises that can occur in a typical strongman.
Farmers Walk
The Farmers Walk is probably the easiest exercise - you simply run with 2 very heavy dumbbells (e.g. 35kg per side) to a cone 10m away and back. With dumbbells like the ones I use, the whole thing doesn't look as cool as it does with barrels that a “real” strongman carries in a circle at his competitions, but the training effect remains the same. In addition to the thighs and calves, the shoulders are particularly stressed. Important: Make sure your back is straight when you pick it up, and when you put it down, you should also carefully lower the dumbbells to avoid discomfort.

Tire throw
The tire throw is one of my favorite exercises. All you need is an old car tire. There is actually not much to consider. You stand up straight and get a little momentum with a short backward movement. Then you try to throw the tire to the side as far as possible. In the sprint it goes to the tire and from there you throw it back, etc. At the beginning you should of course make sure that you can control your throw and do not throw anyone off! In addition to a lot of fun, this exercise also has positive training effects for the shoulder and core muscles.


Hammering tractor tires
This exercise is certainly THE favorite not only for you and is one of the exercises in our strongman circles that are the most fun - but it is also the most painful if done incorrectly! Because anyone who thinks that it is easy to hit the tractor tire with a hammer is very wrong. You should therefore hit it very carefully at the beginning. On the one hand, estimating the correct distance is impossible for some. On the other hand, the sequences of movements when hammering are very demanding. Backing out, hitting, catching the springback and then putting it into action - that has to be learned! Once you have mastered the technique, it is really fun and also trains your entire upper body and coordination!

Tire flip
The tire flip is one of the exercises that, as a small child, we have certainly all seen on television at various strongman games and thought: Wow, I want to do that too! So that the tire flip does not end with severe back pain, it is very important (similar to the deadlift) to pay attention to the correct movement. Only with a straight back when lifting can you avoid any problems later (such a tractor tire weighs a mere 100kg). Once you have overcome the first few centimeters after lifting, you push the tire away from your body with all your might. The main stress during a tire flip is on the leg and back muscles.


And now it's your turn - rummage out your old car tires and your hammer and off you go! Creativity knows no limits!

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