Which niche blog areas are currently vacant

How to find your niche

Even though I mentioned in advance that you can make money with any topic, there are still niches that are always in demand. This has changed only minimally in the last 10 years and the topics are still a gold mine. Of course, the market in these areas is already well occupied, but the demand is so great that you too will get your share of the cake there.

The Americans are talking about the "Get PAID, get LAID and LIVE forever" Strategy. Niches that revolve around one of these three points “make money, have sex and live forever”, which means the topics of making money, love and relationships and health. These are so-called evergreen niches that will still work in 20 years.

But these are not the only niches currently in demand, I will introduce you to the most profitable niches with which you, if used correctly, are guaranteed to generate sales.

Make money online

Yes, you read that right, one of the most profitable niches is and will always be making money online, in the end you ended up here with me because you want to achieve exactly that, right? Work from anywhere in the world and make money online.

Financial freedom, independence, you are your own boss.

But for the first blog I would advise you on a different topic, because to be able to help people here, you need a lot of experience. The readers have to trust you and you have to be able to offer them solutions that you have already been able to use in practice several times. Before I started my own personal blog, I had already successfully implemented many, very many projects and now I want to pass on my knowledge.

What I mean by that: I acquired my knowledge over many years before I started helping others in this area.

Finance / save money

And again it revolves around the topic of money, which is no wonder. Be good with money, money save up, it's just as important as money to earn. You will notice when your blog is successful and you make the first sales that you shouldn't spend everything right away, because that way you will not be able to maintain a profitable online business.

Saving is not only interesting for companies, but also for anyone who would like to have more money in their account at the end of the month or for people who are in financial difficulties.

Fitness, health and nutrition

In all honesty, everyone wants to look good, right? Even if you don't like to talk about it, the weight loss industry grows and grows, year after year. I also run a nutrition blog dedicated to weight loss and I am not surprised that this blog is the most successful.

The good thing is, there are countless sub-niches in the area of ​​fitness and nutrition and you can combine these with each other or choose the one that suits you best: Paleo, Keto, Crossfit, Vegan, Yoga, Fitness over 40, bodyweight workouts, the list is endless.

More and more people care about their health and are looking for help, they have many questions and you can give them the answers.

Flirt, seduction and partnership

I think this topic is as old as humanity itself, being attractive, seducing women and men, more self-confidence, sex, a successful partnership, hardly anyone who does not strive for it.

But not everyone is blessed with an ego à la Channing Tatum, not everyone can just seduce a woman like that, not everyone dares to speak to the man of their dreams. This is where flirting advisors, relationship coaches and others come into play!

The good thing is, you can narrow down your target group very precisely, do you want to address women over 40? Or teach men between 20 and 30 how to flirt properly?


Humans love their pets, they adore their cats, and they do anything for their pooch. It's no wonder pet blogs and dog guides are so successful and generating huge amounts of revenue. I know many pet blog operators who make a lot of money every month just from affiliate marketing and recommending suitable products.

You can give training tips for problem dogs, which organic food is best for puppies? How can you make dog food yourself in the Thermomix? How do you get your cat house trained? There are innumerable topics.

Children and upbringing

Not only do people love pets, they also love their children, of course. And believe me, the demand for these blogs is huge! You can also narrow down the topic perfectly, wanting to have children, parenting tips for single fathers, parenting tips for twins and, and, and.

to travel

Yes, traveling is such a topic ... actually there is so much potential here, but as we had to learn from the Corona issue, the tap can suddenly be turned off overnight. I myself had a travel blog in the pipeline that I wanted to start with, but the global situation forced me to put it on hold for the time being.

Now you've got to know a few big niches, but the most important question is which niche is right for you?