What do dementors make by guarding Azkaban?



Dementors are among the worst magical beings there is. They arise without mating. As their name suggests, they deprive their victims of all mental sensations. They are very much feared in magical society. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, they have long been hired by the British Ministry of Magic to run the Azkaban wizarding prison. Their very presence makes it a particularly terrifying place for magical people. Outside Azkaban, dementors operate under orders from the Ministry when detainees or prisoners on remand are brought to trial. They are also occasionally called in for specially arranged security services.

The large figures of the Dementors, all wrapped in a black hooded cloak, look eerie. If they slide in without making a footstep, they spread a clammy cold around them and everything becomes gloomy. Occasionally one of her pale, slimy hands comes out from under her coat. Usually the hands like the faces of the dementors are completely covered by the coat. The hoods of the coats also cover the throat with which the Dementors inhale greedily with a rattle. Not only do they take a breath, they also deprive magical and non-magical people around them of all happy memories. Your victims are then left with only terrible and tormenting thoughts and experiences. They become depressed, lose their strength and their courage to face life. For example, Harry Potter repeatedly experiences the death of his parents in dementor attacks.

Something "worse than death" threatens if Dementors actually lift their hoods because they then want to "kiss" someone. They suck the soul out of their victim through the mouth, so that only an empty but functional body remains without personality, experiences and feelings.

Harry only barely escaped such a "kiss" and has therefore seen what otherwise only the incapable victims of a Dementor kiss have ever known: the empty, unrelated faces behind the hoods. Where eyes belong, dementors only have scabies. That is why they do not see their surroundings, but rather feel what they are after - they smell how much happiness and strength the people around them have to offer them.

Defense options

The only way to drive away Dementors is the difficult Patronus Charm, which Harry learned at the age of 13 in private lessons from Professor Lupine. Those who can ignore the presence of the dementors also manage to run away from them in good time in exceptional cases (HP VII / 15).

Treatment of Dementor Victims

Chocolate is successfully given to restore the victim, deprived of all feelings of happiness by the presence of a dementor (HP III / 5 and HP III / 21).

Can Squibs and Muggles See Dementors?

Only magical people can really see dementors. For Squibs, unlike ghosts and many other magical beings, they are not visible. However, the effects of their presence are also felt by Squibs and even Muggles. The testimony of Arabella Figg, a Squib, about the Dementor attack on Harry confirms this: she was unable to reproduce the visual details of the incident correctly, but she was able to describe exactly what feelings the Dementors triggered in her.

Events in the books

  • With the ministerial mandate to track down Sirius Black again and to make him harmless with a kiss, several hundred Dementors were therefore stationed in the vicinity of Hogwarts during Harry's third school year (HP III / 5).
  • As a bitter opponent of Dementors and what they can do, Prof. Dumbledore did not allow them to come into the castle building or to school events such as Quidditch games (HP III / 9).
  • Lured by the many feelings there, the Dementors disregarded Dumbledore's prohibition several times (HP III / 9).
  • Sirius was able to use the fact that dementors did not visually control their surroundings to slip past them unnoticed in his animagus form and to flee from Azkaban (HP III / 19).
  • Unlike the Ministry of Magic, Dumbledore finds it dangerous to entrust the convicted Death Eaters and other felons to these violent creatures of all people. His warnings and objections to the use of Dementors to guard prisoners are confirmed when Voldemort returns. The Dementors join him because he can offer them a "better" (i.e. more inhuman) field of activity than the Ministry of Magic (HP V / 38).
  • Immediately after the end of Harry's fifth year of school, it becomes clear that the Dementors are no longer on their remote prison island, but across the country. The damp fog, which indicates their proximity, spreads an uncomfortable damp cold everywhere, which is completely atypical for the summer time. He reveals that the Dementors are breeding. Even without knowing this cause, Land up, Land from even Muggles seizes a depressed and hopeless mood (HP VI / 1).
  • In the pursuit of the victims of Voldemort's regime of terror, dementors have been used everywhere since the summer of 1997:
  • They guard and demoralize Muggleborns awaiting trial in the Ministry of Magic (HP VII / 13).
  • They patrol the streets of Hogsmeade and are supposed to drive Harry out of his hiding place (HP VII / 28).
  • They keep watch at the edge of the Forbidden Forest and keep approaching the castle building threateningly (HP VII / 32) (HP VII / 34).

Dementors in the movie

As in the book, the Dementors in the film are tall creatures with black cloaks. However, while in the book they float upright a few centimeters above the ground, in the film they can even fly at a height of several meters (and even very fast compared to the book). In addition, they don't seem to need any physical contact in the film to perform their kiss.

Future outlook

As confirmed by a statement by Joanne K. Rowling, Kingsley Shacklebolt later, as Minister of Magic, ensures that Dementors are no longer used by the Ministry against people (see J. K. Rowling answers unanswered fan questions).