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Is it all nonsense? 11 love myths put under the microscope

Just the two sayings "opposites attract" and "like and like to join together" already show that something can't be right. Or does it? Here are some love myths put to the test:

opposites attract

I see? And what about "like and like to join forces"? The thing about the opposites, however, relates to the genes. Usually two partners fall in love whose immune systems are very different and who complement each other perfectly. Partners who are genetically very similar are less likely to fall in love with each other. This is a smart and simple move by nature to avoid inbreeding.

The two goes together

But the saying "the same and like to join you" is also correct: For everyday relationships it has been shown that people with very different interests and views often find each other very exciting. In the long term, however, the relationships in which both partners have a lot in common tend to hold up.

You have no secrets when you love each other

Phew, I hope not. Both partners need an area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir own in a relationship. After all, you don't completely give up your privacy just because you love someone. But of course you have to differentiate between secrets that would hurt the other, or small secrets that definitely enliven a relationship and make it exciting.

The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach

Anyone who has ever been in love or has been abandoned knows one thing for sure: love can get really tough. Hunger? Nothing. In fact, there is a direct connection from our brain to our gastrointestinal tract. Both have a strong influence on each other. However, the saying "love goes through the stomach" is usually meant differently: the loved one should be able to cook as well as his mom. And we women are only too happy to be seduced by a man with a self-created three-course menu.

Love is blind

That's true, unfortunately. For one thing, you don't see anyone else more than your loved one. This is also shown by studies in which people who have recently fallen in love were shown pictures of attractive people. They didn't even notice them. On the other hand, you also see the new partner very transfigured. Once the pink clouds have vanished, it is not uncommon for the great awakening to come. Some mistakes and peculiarities were not even noticed beforehand.

You have to be able to smell yourself

Absolutely true, as has been proven by a number of scientific tests. The smell of the other tells you whether the genetic material of the potential partner matches your own. Our nose ensures, so to speak, that we find a suitable partner with whom we can also have healthy children.

Only he who loves himself can be loved

Fortunately not true. Especially when we are young, we don't really know where our path is, we are insecure and doubt ourselves. And it is precisely then that we need confirmation from a loved one. Only in a relationship do we learn to accept ourselves because we notice that the first time someone loves us for our own sake.

spring feelings

Do they actually exist or is it just a coincidence that you come across a lot of kissing couples in spring? Do we fall in love faster when spring comes? Well, at least we are in a better mood because of the more light, our day-and-night rhythm changes and we are more alert. So maybe we'll see the hot guy we slept through in winter just faster.

There is no quarrel in a good relationship

That is not right. Of course you shouldn't tear yourself apart every day, but a good culture of argument is very valuable in a relationship. Anyone who quarrels now and then does not prove that the relationship is bad, but that they also openly address conflict issues. If you never argue, but leave difficult things unsaid, you don't necessarily have a better relationship.

Great jealousy is a sign of great love

Of course, jealousy feels good sometimes. Finally, you realize that you mean a lot to the other. But strong jealousy does not necessarily always have something to do with great love, but rather something with fear of loss and a lack of self-confidence. Sure: Sometimes it is simply the partner who is unfaithful or who gives little assurance that you are jealous.

Good sex equals good relationship

There are many couples who have been together for a long time and where the passion subsides over time. That doesn't have to mean that love has become less. Rather, it is the way of things that the flood of endorphins from the initial phase of being in love subsides over time. However, if the sex suddenly stops, it can very well be a sign of a crisis. But: There is also hot sex without love. Therefore, there is not necessarily much to this thesis.

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