Why is spiritual awakening so painful

Transpersonal change processes and transformation symptoms

Do you know that?

Is your sensitivity and high sensitivity making it difficult for you to integrate yourself into your environment?

Do you feel that you are “different” and do you often feel alone with it?

Out of the strong desire to belong, do you try to adapt again and again and as best you can and keep going over your limits?

Does your body send you clear signals? Do you have various conventional medical diagnoses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, psychosomatic reactions / illnesses, depression or others?

Do you have undefined physical symptoms that have to do with muscle or joint pain, back pain or tightness in the body?

Are you often overwhelmed, life in the city or shopping in overcrowded supermarkets push you to your limits?

Working in the “structures of the system” is increasingly overwhelming for you?

Then you are probably in the middle of your transpersonal change process or (as I like to call it) on the threshold.

Spiritual and inner transformation

When we are on the threshold, we are at the transition. The old is behind us, the new is ahead and we are somewhere in between. The new is not quite there yet, not yet visible, not yet tangible. The old, however, is clearly over, going back is no longer an option.

And now? Our mind is overwhelmed. He is reaching his limits and cannot help us here. Because everything we have learned, the methods of our decision-making, rational thinking etc. is no longer useful to us at this point.

Because other laws are at work here. Universal principles. Different rules apply and it is difficult to trust them as we have little or no experience with them.

Dedication. Trust. Liberation.

Surrender to ignorance is the gate that we have to pass through in order to get into the field of unlimited possibilities.

These inner processes of change, which go hand in hand with the change in consciousness and often begin after the first experience of awakening, are called transpersonal processes of change.

In these phases (see phase model) it is important to surround yourself and to exchange ideas with people who understand you and can empathize with you from their own experience. People who have experienced something similar, which is so difficult to put into words.

What happens to us in transformation processes often pushes us to our limits - mentally, emotionally and physically. Because it exceeds the boundaries of our consciousness (our mind) - hence also “expansion of consciousness”.

Physical transformation symptoms in transperonal and spiritual change processes

Physical transformation symptoms or ascension symptoms can be very different. Our perception expands, new channels for “supernatural perceptions” are opened. Clairvoyance, clairvoyance, inner knowledge, etc. show up. Out-of-body experiences are often not easy to integrate.

Some people report feeling as if their heads were bursting, as if there were short-circuit reactions such as electrical impulses in the brain.

Tightness in the body, back pain, muscle and joint pain are common. For me personally, my body feels as if it is simply too tight, as if the spine, all channels and meridians in the body have to be widened.

And that's exactly what it's about: an extension. Our body is matter and it is dense. The transformation process means that our entire system, including our physical body, becomes wider, lighter and more permeable. And that also leads to physical symptoms, which I no longer call pain, because I have now discovered what is happening.

For me personally, these were very beneficial findings after decades of medical trips and conventional medical diagnoses, which predicted a life in a wheelchair and on dialysis.

For example, “heart pain” or tightness in the chest can occur when our heart chakra expands. Physical sensations cannot always be explained by physical illnesses. Whether and at what point these are to be clarified by conventional medicine for safety is, however, expressly left to the personal responsibility of each individual!

Understanding the physical symptoms of change and transpersonal change processes can in any case help to find a new way of dealing with our body.

What you can do yourself if you have symptoms of ascent

Accept them. Accept them as part of your ascension process. Use them as a guide. The most important thing with symptoms of spiritual transformation: do not resist, but listen, become still and open yourself to the messages from within.

You can get individual help and further tips to make things easier here:


Current note March 2021:
Relationship between ascension symptoms and corona

Since an enormous increase in vibration and a wave of transformation has taken place on earth in the course of the Corona period, the symptoms of ascent have also increased accordingly.

You can imagine it like this: Your body and energy system must first of all acclimate and rebalance itself at a new energy level, at a new vibration frequency - and that in a new form. Because what used to take place more slowly has now been accelerated enormously in the current quality of time with Corona.

New balance with the 5D detox cure

The “readjustment” after this intensive transformation period is now extremely important. Therefore, the 5D detox cure is now available for the spring of 2021 as a special aid after the intense increase in vibrations of the Corona winter.

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