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Find the right sofa - it works with these tips

Italian upholstered furniture or sofa "Made in Germany"? Sofas aren't cheap. This makes it all the more important to find the right model for your needs. Our tips for buying a sofa.

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Which sofa type?

First, ask yourself what the new sofa must be able to do and who will sit on it. Should the sofa look more representative? Or do you need a large, easy-care family sofa? Would you like a sofa bed or would you like a chaise longue to watch TV? Does a classic corner solution fit better than two opposing sofas? Important: Develop a healthy egoism, because most of the time you sit on the new sofa yourself - and not your guests!

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How big does the right sofa have to be?

Where should the new sofa be? How much space is there? Measure and make a sketch, this creates clarity. Important: include the space next to and behind the sofa. Take into account the folding and swiveling backrests! Upholstered furniture has a stupid habit of looking smaller than it actually is in a furniture store. Tip: Recreate the sofa you favor with moving boxes. This makes it clear whether it is perhaps too big for your room.

Seat height and depth of the matching sofa