Do you know what Kamasutra is saying

Sex and education in India : Unsuspecting couples remain childless because they only know anal sex

Every morning a new flood of letters and emails awaits him. There are 80 to 100 letters a day, tens of thousands in the past ten years. Fears speak from them, sometimes despair, but above all astonishing ignorance. "Is it safe to keep the penis in the vagina while sleeping?" Mahinder Watsa patiently answers every question. “When the penis relaxes, it usually slips out of the vagina. But even if he doesn't, the vagina won't eat him for breakfast. "

Watsa is India's most famous sexologist, a pioneer in a country where even the word sex is taboo. For ten years he has been writing the rubric “Ask the Sexpert” in the “Mumbai Mirror”. No one else speaks about sex as frankly and freely as the 90-year-old. He gets a lot of hate mail, but even more applause. His blunt words and his biting humor have made him a cult figure. Watsa has fan pages on Facebook, video series on Youtube and has been honored with awards for his services.

Why does a 90 year old have to explain sex to India? That nation that gave the world the Kamasutra, the historical work on the art of loving, and that immortalized carvings on ancient temples that are not only banned as pornography in India today? But that is a long time ago. The Hindu obsession with celibacy, the Mughals' gender segregation and the Victorian prudery of the British colonial masters have over time pushed sexuality into shame.

India is obsessed with sex on the one hand, but on the other, most people have no clue

Today the communications reveal abysses of ignorance. India is obsessed with sex, but nobody talks about it openly and without shame. Watsa's readers are drawn from the middle class. Many have studied and made successful careers - and still have no clue of simple anatomical facts. So many couples, unsuspectingly, stumble into the arranged marriage and the wedding night.

"What first aid do we need for the first time?" Answer: "You do not need to become a member of the Red Cross, seek advice from a sex expert beforehand." The anatomical ignorance is so great that some married couples involuntarily remain childless for years. because they don't even know how to have proper reproductive sex - and think anal sex is the right way to father children.

Others become pregnant unintentionally because they are unable to cope with contraception. “I had sex with my girlfriend two days ago. We bought the morning-after pill. But in the heat of the moment, I swallowed the pill instead. Can that lead to damage? "Watsa replies, as always with a pinch of irony:" Next time use a condom and be careful not to swallow it too. "

The trained gynecologist, whose wife Promila died in 2006, started his career as a columnist in the 1960s with medical tips in women's and men's magazines. He was also quickly inundated with questions about sex. The outcry was great. Conservative readers were outraged. One even filed an obscenity complaint, claiming the letters to the editor were bogus. The editor of the magazine countered by sending the judge a sack full of unopened mail. The lawsuit was dismissed.

In India, too, the strict rules are slowly weakening. In the beginning, words like “vagina” and “condom” were taboo, but today Watsa can call things by their names. His advice is more in demand than ever. India is in the midst of a sexual revolution. With the economic opening, Western ways of life are also spilling over to the subcontinent. More and more young people are having sex before marriage. Women are increasingly claiming their right to lust and love.

But there is a lack of clarification. Men get their knowledge from pornography, which conveys a brutalized image and degrades women to objects. It is unseemly for women to even ask questions. For example after your period or the fertile days, let alone after orgasm, ejaculation or erection. Few schools offer educational classes. And it usually doesn't even deserve the name. The new right-wing Hindu government even wants to ban all "graphic" representations because they would corrupt the youth.

Masturbation, in particular, is a big issue

The wildest legends persistently entwine themselves with masturbation. They make you weak, impotent, bald, stupid or even crazy. Watsa rolls her eyes. To this day, besides penis size, masturbation is the number one concern of boys. “Will my penis shrink if I masturbate a lot?” Someone asks. Watsa counters: "Does your tongue shrink when you talk a lot?"

Another subject makes him blush even more. Obsession with the hymen. Two thirds of all men still expect women to marry as a virgin. “My family demands that I marry. How can I find out whether the girl is a virgin? "Watsa washes the head of such questions:" I suggest that you do not marry. There's no way you can find out unless you hire a detective. Spare every poor girl with your suspicious disposition. "

Watsa has a mission. He not only wants to educate, but also to convey a fear and shame-free sexuality. “Sex is a pleasurable thing.” He has been active in various educational organizations for decades. The 90-year-old is not thinking about quitting. In his apartment on the Arabian Sea, he continues to advise older couples who want to freshen up their sex lives.

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