At what age did you attain enlightenment?

Enlightenment and a life as a Buddha is the highest goal of all Buddhists. According to Buddhist belief, a person can only be freed from the suffering of the world and from the eternal cycle of rebirth through enlightening knowledge. But the way there is very, very difficult.

One of the prerequisites for enlightenment is that you look at what is good or bad, beautiful or ugly, dear or bad, impartially and without prejudice. You should consider every human being, every other living being and every thing completely neutral. In addition, you have to show energetic love and compassion for your fellow human beings without exception, always be helpful and meditate a lot and very concentrated.

Buddhists distinguish two levels of enlightenment.
  • With the Little Enlightenment, people no longer see themselves as a single person, but rather as one completely merged with their environment.
  • A Buddhist reaches full enlightenment when he no longer feels himself to be part of the environment, but sees himself from the outside as a liberated person and goes into the world openly, fearlessly and without prejudice or bad thoughts.
The Buddhists are convinced that a great many people can become Buddha. Buddhists are convinced that Siddharta Gautama managed to become an enlightened person, a Buddha, and to remain for 45 years until his death.

Buddhists call the state of true knowledge of all things samadhi. Zen Buddhists also say satori.

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