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Meat recipes

Cevapcici grilled lightThe cevapcici grilled are a classic from the Balkan cuisine. A recipe for the next summer barbecue party.
There are many recipes for Königsberger Klopse. With this one you will simply score points with your guests or family. Crazy delicious!
Meat strudel with sheep's cheese Easy Do you want something hearty? Then this recipe for the delicious meat strudel with sheep's cheese is just right!
Cooking beef tongue properly Light tongue is rarely cooked, so not many people know how to cook beef tongue properly. This recipe here shows how it works.
Easy Meat Strudel Light Guests will love this recipe. And best of all: A simple meat strudel is really very easy to prepare, it's worth trying!
Pizza Leberkäse Light The homemade pizza Leberkäse is a delicious recipe for a hearty snack. Meat lovers will like this dish.
Classic boiled beef with the medium steamer It works - and this recipe even makes the meat extra tender!
Piccata Milanese with spaghetti light Not only connoisseurs of Italian cuisine appreciate the Piccata Milanese with spaghetti. The recipe for the delicious veal schnitzel has long been known all over the world.
Vitello tonnato mediumThe starter Vitello tonnato originally comes from the Italian region of Piedmont. This recipe for gourmets describes a variation of meat and fish.
Juicy roast beef lightGuaranteed success. A delicious recipe that doesn't just taste good on weekends. Cook the juicy roast beef gently at 80 ° C, juicy and tasty.
Classic beef roulades medium A recipe for classic beef roulades just like mother's. Always delicious and not as difficult to prepare as some think.
The fillet in a batter with fine mushrooms and fresh herbs: a recipe for gourmets and special occasions.
Grilling ostrich steak Easy It's barbecue season and you can also experiment with unusual meat. This recipe shows how to grill ostrich steak - a great taste experience!
Lamb Chops Medium: Your mouth will water with the juicy lamb chops. A recipe for discerning connoisseurs.
Spicy Beef Rice Medium You don't need a lot of ingredients to make spicy beef rice. With this recipe you can quickly conjure up a fine main course.
Cabbage meat light The cabbage meat is delicious everyday home cooking. The recipe from grandma's cookbook tastes good to young and old.
Filet Wellington from fallow deer Medium It brings variety and is fun to vary a traditional recipe. Here, for example, the Wellington fillet is made from fallow deer and not from beef fillet as is usual.
Duck Breast with Orange Sauce Medium A great winter meal is the recipe for duck breast in orange sauce. Tender pink duck fillets with a fruity sauce are sure to convince every guest.
Caribbean spare ribs lightThis recipe puts you in a good mood: Caribbean spare ribs are also great for beginners.

The best meat recipes

Meat recipes are incredibly diverse not only because of the numerous different types of meat. The preparation of meat dishes is always different: cooking, roasting, braising, grilling or raw, meat can be processed in a wide variety of ways.


Meat is an important food

No matter whether red meat such as beef, pork, game, lamb and rabbit. Or white meat from poultry such as chicken, turkey, duck or geese. Meat is an important source of protein and has a high priority in our diet. Meat also contains a large number of vitamins and minerals such as iron, sodium and potassium. Those who use low-fat meat can also eat low-calorie food without any problems.


Meat recipes properly prepared

To do this, you should follow a few basic rules in order to achieve the best possible result on the plate. You should always make sure that the juice stays inside the meat if possible. In this way, the nutrients are retained and the food does not become too dry. It is also advisable to let it rest for a few minutes after roasting.
Whether simple or fast Meat recipes or elaborate and refined dishes - here beginners and professionals will find delicious dishes that can be easily cooked. Hearty pork for goulash or tender beef fillet for a delicious steak. The classics of meat dishes include juicy roasts, pepper steak, roast pork, juice goulash, beef goulash, hunter schnitzel and veal schnitzel.

But the meat kitchen has much more to offer, as the selection of national and international dishes shows. It is worth trying out new recipes with meat and creating new taste experiences.

Here you will find countless meat recipes for your taste. Browse through our recipe collection, find your favorite dish and try it out right away. With the different variants you bring variety to your kitchen and the planning for the next meal is solved.