What makes a good blog topic

How do I find a good blog topic?

Before you start blogging, it is important to decide on a blog topic. Instead of writing about everything, it is often better to limit yourself to a certain subject area.

The most important things at a glance

  • Why you should commit to a topic and what makes a good blog topic
  • This is how you can find a good blog topic that suits you

Why should I commit to one blog topic?

Of course, it's basically possible to write about anything. However, if you want to be successful with your blog and later earn money, it is advisable to choose a blog topic.

Thematically focused blogs often rank better on Google and many readers prefer to subscribe to blogs if they are interested in most of the articles that appear there. In addition, networking often works better if you limit yourself to one industry.

But even when it comes to making money, a thematic focus pays off in many cases. For example, you are more likely to find advertisers because they usually want to reach a certain target group.

Last but not least, it is often better for you to specialize. In this way you can make a name for yourself on a specific topic and delve deeper into the matter.

What's a good blog topic anyway?

It's not that easy to answer and it depends a lot on your own goals.

Who blogs just for fun, can choose any topic, what he or she wants. It doesn't really matter, the main thing is that you enjoy it.

On the other hand, if you have a specific goal, you should check the topic for it. Who z. B. wants to increase his professional chances with a blog, should choose a topic that fits the intended job profile.

If you want to earn money with your blog, you should make sure, among other things, that there is enough interest in the topic and that it is financially worthwhile.

A good topic is different for every blogger, which is why you should first clarify what you actually want to achieve.

And it is very important that you choose a topic that you want to deal with permanently and for which you are passionate.

Here's how to find a good blog topic

There are many ways to come up with interesting blog topics:

  • brainstorming
    Just let your own ideas flow and write down all your interests and ideas.
  • Hobby, job, club ...
    Hobbies are great for blogging, as are a job you love or a sport you play.
  • Interests & passion
    In general, it makes sense to choose a topic that suits your own interests and passions, which is why you should write this down as well.
  • potential
    If you want to make money, you can look around for lucrative topics, e.g. B. in partner program networks, in magazines, online shops, etc.
  • competitor
    What are the big blogs in a certain subject area and what could you do better and differently than these?
  • Article ideas
    You should immediately think of 10 or more article ideas. If it doesn't, the topic is not well suited.
  • Vision for the future
    A good topic is also characterized by the fact that it has future potential. After all, you want to blog about it in a few years.
  • You can't wait to get started
    A very good sign is when you can't wait to start blogging. But be careful, many bloggers get started very actively and then slacken off a lot. Blogging is not a 100 meter sprint, but a marathon.

You should ask yourself these questions

If you have found a few interesting topics that you are shortlisting, you should ask yourself a few questions about each of them before making the final decision:

  • Am I passionate about the topic and want to write about it all the time?
    As a blogger you are constantly busy writing new articles and keeping yourself up to date on the topic. You can only hold out if you are really passionate about the topic.
  • Does the topic arouse emotions in the readers or does everyone care?
    A topic should arouse emotions, because that leads to more comments and generally a greater engagement of the readers. And you yourself are also more involved.
  • Can I achieve my goals with the topic?
    The topic should support your own goals directly, otherwise it is more likely to be counterproductive.
  • Will I still want to write on the subject in five years?
    This question is also aimed at your own interest and passion for a topic. It is also about clarifying whether the current interest is perhaps only limited in time.
  • Will the topic still be relevant in a few years?
    It would be very annoying if you set up a successful blog and then the topic is no longer of interest due to technical developments or for some other reason.
  • How flexible am I on the subject?
    You should choose a topic, but not set too narrow limits. There should be a certain flexibility and adaptability in the thematic orientation.
  • Can I contribute something new and differentiate myself from the competition?
    Nobody needs exactly the same blog that already exists. You should offer something new, a different approach to get attention and loyal readers.

If you have answered these questions satisfactorily, a topic is very promising and suitable for a new blog.

Eat or die?

Even if the decision about a blog topic is important and should be carefully considered, it is not set in stone.

You will usually only find out in practice whether it is really the right topic for you, which is why you should just try it out and get started.

You have to get a feeling for how well you can develop with the topic and how much it is important to you in the long term.

It is therefore highly recommended that you start small and build up when things are going well. Then you can gradually expand your own blog.