Is Donald Trump emotionally immature

Trump biographer reveals dark secrets about new US president - how real is the love between Donald and Melania?

Five days after the US election, the world is still concerned: Who is this man? What does the next President of the United States of America want? What is behind the facade of Donald J. Trump (70)? And is the love between him and his third wife, Melania, 24 years his junior, really real?

BILD spoke to the insider and Trump biographer David Cay Johnston, whose book "The Trump Files" has been a bestseller in the US for weeks. The Pulitzer Prize winner, who works as an investigative journalist for newspapers like the "New York Times", has followed Trump's life for 28 (!) Years.

If he is correct in his assessment of the next President of the United States, then for the world it is time to buckle up.

BILD: Mr. Johnston, Donald Trump caused worldwide headshakes with misogynistic slogans during his election campaign. Does he even love his third wife Melania?

David Cay Johnston: (Johnston laughs.) “In the end, of course, only he knows that. But we just have to look at his past.

He is married for the third time. He was involved in a divorce war with his first wife and later had little contact with his three oldest children. It wasn't until they grew up and had to make money that they suddenly discovered how wonderful Daddy is.

His second wife Marla admired him. But he made sure with a prenuptial agreement that he could conveniently ditch them. For him, women, like his third wife Melania, are objects that he uses sexually. "

Is he the hardliner we saw in the campaign?

Johnston: He's George W. Bush on growth hormone. Abortion, taxes, foreign policy ...

But since his victory he has been very forgiving ...

Johnston: “Trump is a con man and a fraud. He says whatever he has to say. So today, so tomorrow. He's fickle, he contradicts himself, and he creates his own reality. He has the personality of a dictator and now all the instruments. He's got the Congress behind him. He will appoint constitutional judges. And he'll act like the boss very quickly. "

But he looked quite tame on his first visit to the White House.

Johnston: “Yes, like a deer in the headlights. He looked almost humble because he realized that he had never really been responsible. He was completely surprised himself that he won. But humility will quickly go away. Then the question is: what will he do if he is criticized for the first time?

The truth is, he's not equipped for the job. He's lying. He refuses to accept the realities. He is a 70 year old man with the psyche of a 13 year old. But as president, he cannot do any of this. People should be concerned. "

He prides himself on being the master of negotiating. Is he up to a man like Russia's President Vladimir Putin?

Johnston: "No he is not. Much of his business dealings have been lousy. That he is a master of the deal is nothing more than the legend of a fraudster. Putin will show him off. The only talent he has is to mobilize the mob. "

Will he build a wall and initiate mass deportations?

Johnston: “Something is going to happen so he can save face. He will probably deport people who came here as children and have absolutely no relationship with their country of origin. But I don't think he'll round up millions of people and load them onto trains. "

Who will benefit from President Trump?

Johnston: “The rich, the banks, the corporations, the establishment. He will cut taxes for them, lift regulations and give them a free hand. Lobbyists he raged against campaigning will be the big winners. That became very clear in the first days after his victory. "

Who will suffer from him?

Johnston: “Exactly the people who voted for him. The people who feel abandoned by society. But the truth is, Trump doesn't care about them. It will undermine consumer protection, erase workers' rights and prevent minimum wages from increasing. And the climate will suffer from it. Environmental protection is meaningless to him. Just an obstacle. "

Does he like Germany? After all, his grandfather was an immigrant from Bavaria.

Johnston: “Germany doesn't care about Trump. He has no political philosophy. He's a narcissist who cares only about himself. So far he has given little thought to Germany. His criticism of Germany's refugee policy was nothing more than populism and scare tactics. "

Is the western military alliance NATO in danger?

Johnston: "Nobody knows. And I'm sure Trump doesn't know himself. He is emotionally and intellectually immature. He has neither a geopolitical strategy nor a military doctrine. He's going to discredit the president's job. We are in uncharted waters. The kite is loose. "

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