What's the worst thing you've ever seen

Translation of "you've ever seen" in Dutch

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My uncle ... the worst drunkard you've ever seen.
The craziest place you've ever seen?
Cuddy becomes the happiest new mom that you've ever seen.
It's the place with the most wonderful clothes that you've ever seen.
OK, pay attention. Murray will conjure up the biggest sandstorm ever you've ever seen.
I'll bring corn flakes, pasta, and the biggest bottle of shampoo, that one you've ever seen.
Simply the biggest, baddest black snake fireworks that you've ever seen.
Het wordt het greatest Zwarteslangenvuurwerk dat je ooit zag.
And if we do that, we'll have the fattest, happiest babies that can you've ever seen.
Alan: Oh, come on, I just said I don't think I have the biggest one you've ever seen.
We have 400 acres of the most fertile farmland that you've ever seen,
Isn't that the most realistic water gun that you've ever seen?
Uh, the first movie that you've ever seen.
He's just the most adorable thing that you've ever seen.
[Jay] The two thickest ones you've ever seen, Pillemann.
Ten years, and the Red River D is on more cattle than you've ever seen.
Above are 15 soldiers from the toughest special forces that you've ever seen.
Because i am the best person that you've ever seen, for reading people, foreseeing needs, and in general, anything that goes with domination.
Ik ben het best persoontje dat je ooit zag... in het inschatten en anticiperen van mensen en everything naar my own hand zet.
The sickest shit you've ever seen.
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