Which members of BTS can subscribe

who also can't easily get their eyes open when drawing?

They're together 24 hours a day and something doesn't work, well, well, it seems ...

It's true that the seven boys probably have a pretty special relationship with each other, maybe they are like a family for each other, but I could never hang out with my sister for a week and they have been doing that for years O_o.

And not only that, their life is extremely strenuous and associated with a lot of work and stress, which they have to deal with.

The BTS was just an example, you can actually generalize, there are other stars who overcome similar hurdles and withstand the pressure of the public.

I couldn't, but why? Where is the difference between those who are tough like Justin Bieber, BTS, Rianna, Jonny Depp etc. and those who break because of it and even commit suicide, are they better than others, it feels like -_-.

(I know that Justin and Jonny also have their problems with drugs & alcohol, probably also Rihanna and even BTS, even if you don't notice them ...).

Jimin always says of himself that he spends every free minute exercising and the other members also confirm that. Is that a quality that makes it possible for Jimin to persevere, or is it the desire for approval and rum or is it almost one Kind of addiction and they couldn't live without this attention from the fans, or think so?

I have real respect for it and even a little envy the relationship between the members of BTS and the perseverance of the individual people.

Sorry if the question seems stupid to you and you think the answer is obvious, then congratulations you know more than I do but I would like to understand and hope for a psychological and philosophical answer;).