What are some outfit ideas for jeans

Combine denim skirt correctly - 5 stylish outfit ideas

By Anna-Lena Osterburg | July 23, 2020, 5:02 am

Classically it comes in shades of blue, with front and back pockets, belt loops, zip and thigh length: the jeans mini. The short denim skirt has been an indispensable part of our wardrobes since the 1980s, and the mini era is not in sight. The sturdy skirt is again very popular this summer, we prefer to wear it in a light wash and a destroyed look - and in these 5 cool outfit combinations!

Elegant: jeans miniskirt with blazer

The holey denim skirt may have a punky image, but in fact it can also be quite elegant: With a checked blazer, mules and fine chains, the miniskirt looks more chic than rocky, but at the same time, thanks to its solid denim material, it also ensures that Blazer-mules outfit is not too much for everyday life. The accessories should be coordinated to ensure that the look is harmonious in the end: Warm bright colors such as orange, pink or red go well with the beige blazer, and if you like it a bit less colorful and more casual, you can combine it with black lace-up boots and a black handbag .

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Rocky: Jeans miniskirt with leather jacket

In this style, two classics meet: denim skirt and leather jacket - a combination that is obvious, but also contains some style traps. So the whole thing can quickly look too punky or the combination of two thousand times seen parts comes across as boring and uninspired. To prevent this from happening, you should - as is so often the case in fashion - rely on style inconsistencies. Means: a chic white blouse meets a leather jacket, elegant loafers a platform and a denim skirt. The leopard bag and chain belt are eye-catching, and the cool rock outfit is already there, which is neither too wild nor too monotonous.

Sporty chic: jeans mini skirt and hoodie

With the right styling partners, the denim skirt can also be sporty! Take casual pieces like a hoodie and white sneakers and combine them with statement earrings and an elegant crossbody bag. For the necessary style factor, the sweater should be chosen in a trendy color, the bag and trainers are color coordinated.

Retro: Jeans miniskirt with jeans jacket

The keyword is double denim. If you combine jeans with even more jeans, you look twice as stylish - if both jeans tones harmonize with each other. Of course, different colors can be mixed, but you are on the safe side with two denim pieces in the same color and style. The cropped denim jacket in a light wash and destroyed look works together with the skirt like a pretty casual costume. Whoever wears the jacket closed can do without another top or simply pull on a bandeau top underneath. If the jacket remains open, a white turtleneck top is perfect. A fanny pack worn cross-body and platform sandals round off the 90s style.

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Classic: Jeans miniskirt with cardigan

Denim skirts can be perfectly combined with the currently trendy short cardigan. It is best to choose a coarse knit model with a V-neck, where everything is possible in terms of color - from neutral tones to bright colors. It is only important that the jacket is worn closed, including either a top whose neckline cannot be seen under the jacket, or a high-necked T-shirt with a round neckline. Our style advice: Please do not combine the cardigan look with tennis sneakers and a backpack - that would look too much like a schoolgirl uniform! In order to make the good cardigan style appear more casual, it is better to use rock accessories: The combination of black and silver is perfect, crocodile embossing and lacquer look add value to the outfit and ensure that the look is by no means stuffy becomes.

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