What is the tractor capacity

Charge batteries fully every month!

All year round, the tractor and car have started up without complaint, but the temperature hardly drops before they make complaints - the battery is often the cause. The service life of a starter battery is more than the usual four to five years with good care and correct use.

To avoid premature aging, they must be regularly charged to their maximum capacity. To avoid irreversible sulfate formation, lead-acid batteries should be fully charged at least once every three to four weeks. In addition, it has been shown that batteries with a weekly full charge achieve a significantly higher number of cycles than those with a longer partial charge phase, reports the weekly newspaper Westfalen-Lippe. You should also check the water acid level regularly.

If batteries are already damaged, newer types of electronic chargers or so-called pulsers can partially revive old-age batteries. But success is not guaranteed.

Charge batteries properly

Manufacturers recommend recharging with an open circuit voltage of 12.5 volts. To avoid overvoltage damage to electronic control units, you should disconnect the battery during the charging process. Batteries may only be charged with direct current. Do not switch on the charger until it has been connected to the battery. At the end of the charging process, first switch off the charger. A tenth of the capacity is recommended as the charging current (e.g. 110 Ah: 10 = 11.0 A charging current).

Charging is finished when the charging current approaches 0 or no longer decreases or the automatic charger switches off. Make sure there is good ventilation when charging.

Jump-start, but right

If you need to jump start another vehicle, first check whether both batteries have the same voltage. Switch off all electrical consumers. The vehicles must not touch each other and both ignition switches should be in the OFF position.

Start with the red positive jumper cable and first connect the positive terminal to the discharged battery. This is followed by the positive pole of the donor battery. Then connect the negative pole of the donor battery to the negative pole of the discharged battery. Make sure that the cables cannot get caught in the fan or other moving parts. Start the engine and remove the cables in reverse order.