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Living healthy

In the "Healthy Living" section, we will inform you about various health topics:

In order to live healthily, information on health topics is part of it - this is the only way you can confidently take control of your health. In the “Healthy Living” section of the Health Knowledge Foundation's portal, we offer you a wide range of topics relating to the body, mind, healthy diet, exercise and sport. Serious and easy to understand, you will be presented with specific tips for a healthy life.

To give you a better overview, we would like to introduce you to the various categories of the “Healthy Living” area.

Patient & doctor

Arrange the visit to the doctor according to your needs so that you receive the information that is necessary for a competent health decision.

We give you “5 questions for the doctor” that you should bring up during the conversation. Find out about your patient rights and the advantages of joint decision-making between you and your treating doctor.

Competence & Health

In this area, too, we focus on you as a patient: We illuminate for you what is hidden behind the term "prevention" and give you recommendations on how you can distinguish good health information from dubious or business-driven offers on the Internet. You can also learn more about Evidence-Based Medicine (EbM).

Diet & Lifestyle

In this area you will find, among other things, a "body mass index" calculator with which you can control your body weight; We explain well-known nutritional myths to you and introduce you to the risk factors for obesity for a healthy life - last but not least, we inform you about what is important for a healthy life.

Body & knowledge

Here you will become an expert on your body. Find out in concrete terms, but simply prepared, how a joint works or how your heart is structured. We have put together interesting and unrelated information for you in the “Body in Numbers”. In this area you will gain a better understanding of your body - and therefore also of your health.