What is the daily traffic on Pornhub

Pornhub Statistics 2019: Really Hard Facts About Porn Consumption

The 2019 annual review on Pornhub is again full of wild information.

Sex and porn consumption are still sensitive topics even in 2019 - unless you work for one of the largest providers of sex films on the Internet. For the seventh year in a row, US provider Pornhub presents the most interesting details about consumption around the world. Yes, there is also a separate area for Germany. You will not believe what the Germans are into - and no, this is not "clickbait" (baiting of clicks), but sometimes really crazy!

Pornhub 2019: Tremendous Usage Numbers

What do you think: How many times was Pornhub visited in 2019? The number is a whopping 42 billion views - 115 million visits per day. A total of 6.63 million videos with content were uploaded for 1.36 million hours. Too cryptic? Pornhub explains it this way: If you were to watch all of the videos that were only released in 2019, you would have had to start in 1850 - and you would still be at it now. In terms of data, the volume is an unbelievable 6,597 petabytes! A petabyte is 1,000 terabytes or 1,000,000 gigabytes. Just work out the incredible number yourself!

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Pornhub 2019: The preferences of German users

But what are Germans doing when it comes to sex movies? Interesting: 28 percent of all users in this country consume on the computer, which is only topped in Russia - with 34 percent. All other countries tend to use smartphones. And now it is getting dirty in the truest sense of the word: Germans like to stay “among themselves” in search queries and rummage for “german” (1st place) and “deutsch” (2nd place). Surprisingly, in third place is “femdom”, the desire for female dominance. In 2018 this term was still in 23rd place. 4th and 5th place are followed by “milf” (freely translated: good looking mothers) and “hentai” (Asian sex cartoons). In comparison to worldwide usage, the already mentioned “german” is particularly popular with 846 percent more search queries, as is the rather unsavory “pissing”, so ... well ... the enthusiasm for urine with 117 percent. By the way: Deutsche Bahn is not as badly received by the population as you might have thought. Searches for the company on Pornhub increased 1,544 percent! There are even more adventurous insights into global consumer behavior directly in the 2019 Annual Review on Pornhub.