How to charge a refrigerator refrigerant

How do I transport a refrigerator?

Is it better to transport the refrigerator lying down or upright?

For the refrigerator it is best to have it transported upright. When you buy a new refrigerator, get it delivered right away. When buying online, this is usually common anyway. B. Amazon delivery is even free.

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A forwarding company will transport your refrigerator upright in a truck, well secured. Must be the refrigerator for reasons of space transported lying down it will not be damaged in the process, but it cannot be put into operation immediately after transport.

Because it is possible that Oil from the compressor into the cooling circuit has run. Depending on the manufacturer and make, it takes between 4 and 24 hours before the oil has run back and the refrigerator can be plugged into the socket.

Preparations for transporting the refrigerator

  • Of course you remove all groceries out of your refrigerator before moving. Also, defrost the device and clean it thoroughly.
  • Remove all removable parts from the device. This includes the shelves, grids, all drawers and other accessories that could slide back and forth inside the device during transport. Wrap glass items in newspaper or in an old blanket to prevent them from breaking. Accessories are best stowed in a box.
  • To be on the safe side, you should open the refrigerator door with some duct tape secure so that it cannot open while driving.
  • For upright transport, fastening straps are required to secure the refrigerator in the truck. Make sure that the device is adequately secured so that it cannot tip over while driving.
  • At a Transport in a lying position the refrigerator should always be stored on its side and not on its back.
  • The most sensitive parts are located on the back of the device and should be protected accordingly. Foam or old blankets, for example, are suitable for this.

Tip! If you have transported the refrigerator horizontally, it must stand for a long enough time before it can be used. However, the waiting times vary from model to model.

Read more about this here.

horizontal transportstanding transport
  • wait some time before using the refrigerator
  • The refrigerator can be connected and used immediately

Pros and cons of proper transportation from the refrigerator

  • immediate commissioning possible
  • The functionality of the device is guaranteed
  • The refrigerator cannot be used immediately if it is transported horizontally

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How do I transport a refrigerator?
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