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Create a company website with the STRATO website builder

If you want to be successful with your business homepage, you should make it appealing and informative. Not least because of the fierce competition, the key to success is also to attract attention and stand out. And not only with the users themselves, but also with the search engines.

  • Even without programming knowledge to the professionally designed company homepage
  • Over 200 industry-specific templates for free use
  • Helpful tools to optimize your homepage for search engines
  • Optionally, you can simply create your company website

All important information at a glance

A company website should present important information such as opening times or the address as prominently as possible. The website builder offers widgets for this purpose, which you can simply embed on the website using drag & drop. When you are open and where you can be found, the best thing for the customer to read is on every page. With a widget, you can drag both pieces of information into an area such as the sidebar or the footer, which is displayed on every page. These widgets (not to forget the widget for the route map) are particularly suitable for companies that have a local office and receive customers and clients directly on site, e.g. B. Doctors, dentists, hairdressers, lawyers, shops of all kinds and much more.

With the portfolio widget in the website builder, z. B. Show real estate agents a professional and appealing overview of their offer. An engineering office uses it to present successful projects and a photographer presents his selected works.

Uncomplicated contact

When customers have found out about your company on your website, they should also have the opportunity to get in touch with you in an uncomplicated way. Every customer prefers a different route; A telephone contact, an e-mail address or a contact form have proven useful. Thus z. B. the company homepage of a lawyer gives potential clients all the options to be able to approach him. Associations, real estate agents and construction companies also benefit from good accessibility on many channels.

A guest book is a helpful widget for renters of holiday apartments. Holiday guests can leave their opinion on their stay there. Because experience reports from satisfied guests are the best way to advertise your properties, especially when it comes to holiday apartments.

Reservations and bookings through the website

If interested parties have liked your offers, they often want to reserve directly - this applies to holiday apartments as well as to a table in a restaurant. With various widgets for reserving or booking rooms, tables or appointments, the website construction kit offers helpful tools for the company website - for restaurants as well as for doctors and service providers of all kinds. In this way, customers, visitors or patients can make an appointment or the like themselves immediately and don't have to write an email or make a phone call.

Connection with social networks

Constant customer contact is very important so that customers become regular customers. Nowadays it is easier than ever with the various social networks To provide customers with up-to-date information and to talk to them. If you maintain a social media profile for your company, you can easily integrate it on your website and B. display the latest posts. Widgets for Facebook, Twitter and Co. are available for this. The website construction kit thus also offers associations, event organizers and many other professional groups an effective way of bundling various information channels.

Keeping customers up to date

There are other ways you can keep your customers up to date with what's new - e. B. with an RSS feed. Your readers can subscribe to this and integrate it into a feed reader. So you will always be informed about news on your company website.

Selling with the website builder: the shop widget

If you want to sell products online, you will find the shop widget in the website builder. This makes setting up an online shop child's play. In this way, for example, locally operating companies can use the website builder to test whether certain products are not also being sold nationwide. The shop widget is designed for smaller online shop projects as it only offers a limited number of options. Theoretically, however, an unlimited number of products can be offered and managed with it - and at no additional cost.

The website builder for all kinds of company websites

Regardless of the type of company you run, with the website builder you can design your professional company website without any programming knowledge and with little effort - and at low prices. You can use the website builder effectively for promotional purposes, because the design templates are sorted by industry. This gives you a layout that contains practical functions in the form of so-called widgets. The design of the website can be tailored to your ideas and requirements. In the editor, which can be used intuitively, you can see at any time what your company homepage currently looks like.

The website builder offers additional functions that are interesting for every company:

  • E-mail boxes matching the homepage: In the form [email protected], the Internet and e-mail addresses are matched to one another. Your overall appearance on the Internet looks even more professional thanks to a suitable email address.
  • Create SEO-optimized company homepage: The optionally bookable rankingCoach gives tips and hints regarding the search engine optimization of your website. In this way you can continuously improve the ranking on Google and Co.
  • High security standards: Confidential data is safe on our servers - STRATO's data centers are certified by TÜV in accordance with DIN ISO 27001.
  • ServerSide Antivirus and ServerSide Antispam ensure that neither malware nor spam reach your e-mail inboxes.

Conclusion: A company website with the website builder can be created

The website builder also offers numerous practical tools for your company. Here's a quick way to create a website that has features tailored to your industry:

  • Widgets for reserving a wide variety of services are welcome among customers and also help website operators. Because with the clear display in the backend you always have everything at a glance.
  • With the portfolio widget, companies and freelancers present their goods and services and advertise with successful examples.
  • Customer contact via social networks is becoming increasingly important in many industries. Several widgets in the website builder enable a connection between social media profiles and your website.
  • If you decide to have your company website created, we also offer this option, which is cost-saving.