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Here you can find a list of all 176 well-known A and B celebrities with the first name Lena. Will one of the stars and starlets have your name? Or maybe you bump into one of your idols or someone you want to name your child after? If your favorite celebrity is missing from our list, feel free to drop us a line and we'll add the name!

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  • gast634118
    gast634118: 11 years ago
    Lena has not yet been rated as good by anyone, I realize that nobody wants this name! Don't do that to your children & just look for another name, because EVERYONE is really better than Lena !!!

    • lena1811

    • christianeh
      christianeh: 4 years ago
      EVERYONE ? Manuku e.g. or Sandy, Mandy ..? or Beverly-Chantal? Maja, like the bee or Lotta, - like Pipilotta, then pepper minza would also be an option. Evelyn Joy Agnes Müller, those are great names! And I regrettably called my daughter Lena

      • laura13
        Good comment !! Such hate comments as above are simply naive, incomprehensible and unnecessary! Thanks!!

    • lena-

    • lena1038
      So, my name is Lena, I think my name is beautiful and I actually find your statement quite offensive to the many people named Lena and me.

    • marvino

    • laura13
      Oha! Everyone should give the name they like and if you just want to complain or bully people, look for someone else !! How must this commentary be for people with that name! That is really the very last !!

    • the truth ...
      the truth yann: Last year
      At some point the Lenas will find you 🐛, you are as good as dead, we have your mother

  • gast145388
    gast145388: 11 years ago
    lena the name should mean every child
    lena lena lena lena lena is such a cooooooool name
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :]:]:]: <: <: <: <: p: p: p: p P) P)

  • Lena :)
    I think the name Lena is special, every name is special in its own way .... :)) I only look at this page because I need to know when it's my name day: <: <: <: how do you actually find the name lena ??? 8) 8)

    • lena_00
      Most Lenas take the 22.07 because it is the name day of Magdalena and Lena originally comes from the name

  • Lena-Mareen

  • Lena

  • Lena
    uh hey, my name is Lena myself & I don't think it's bad, I like my name & there are really worse things than don't exaggerate! because of the nickname .... if someone would call me lennard, leo or something i would give this person a punch ... but everyone has their own opinion

  • Lenaa: p
    The name is beautiful! When you have a name day, it depends on what name you are baptized! I am e.g. baptized Magdalena ... And I have a name day on July 22nd! : DD Lg.

    • christianeh
      christianeh: 4 years ago
      My little daughter is also called Lenchen. I guess that stops with growing age. I don't regret the name. Lena is really my sunshine. Dear, happy, warm ...... She is pretty and friendly and beams at everyone with her smile and good mood. It does justice to the meaning of the name. She is welcomed everywhere with open arms and I hope that your name opens doors for you and that you carry the sun in your heart.

    • amadeus

  • Lenchen
    8) the guest 634118 comes from the sun god, by the way, has the name lena i like him my friend is called Fanny, also such a great name

  • Lena Mari ...

  • Chill chic ...
    Chillchica the first: 8 years ago
    So I think the name Lena is "shitty" but that's only because I know someone who is stupid. My cousin's name is that too and she's really nice ... So that's "shitty" only in relation to a Lena. Not that some nice Lenas are now offended or pissed off !!!!!!!!!!!!
    LG you love Lenas and not the one stupid one
    Your Chillchica the first

  • Lena
    I think the name Lena is great, I just think it's stupid that this stupid landrut is also called Lena

  • Lena