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Why and how to configure your Instagram business profile

Do you remember when everyone, regardless of person or brand, had a personal Instagram profile? There were no frills, just a basic bio and your Instagram feed.

It just shows how quickly social media is really changing because Instagram launched business profiles in 2016, and they definitely started from there.

Brands were initially wary of whether or not to change. After all, the Facebook algorithm favors content from family members and friends over brands. So why not Facebook from Instagram?

However, the benefits are significant. Since the beginning of business profiles, contact buttons have been born, shopping on Instagram has become increasingly important, the platform started its own analysis, and now everyone from companies to startups to influencers has an Instagram business profile.

Why Create an Instagram Business Profile?

If you are a brand that wants to build followers on Instagram and use the platform strategically, you need an Instagram business profile.

This is because there are many additional benefits that improve the usability as a brand. Let's examine some of the biggest advantages of using a business profile over a simple personal profile.

1. They take you more seriously

Check out the differences between the two Instagram profiles below. You will likely notice some of them.

Company profiles share the brand's industry, an address and a contact button right in the profile. (Ignore the fact that our Sprout Social Business has Instagram story highlights and my personal profile doesn't - this feature is available for both personal and business profiles.)

The possibility of offering even more information and additional contact information in advance gives your company profile a more professional appearance. It's never been a bad thing to give your audience even more ways to connect with you.

Because the differences between the two types are so obvious, Instagram users can automatically tell when a profile is for a business and it instills a greater sense of trust.

2. You have access to the analysis

This is a big one. When you switch to a business account, you can access built-in information about your account and its performance.

You can take a look at how your posts are performing, follower activity, and audience perception. While not very in-depth, these insights provide a good overview of the success of your account and can give you a basic understanding of how your content is performing.

For more information about your analyzes, you can always use the Sprout Social analysis options.

3. You can add links to your Instagram stories

Instagram is notorious for its inability to link directly to blog posts and landing pages for its posts, hence the popularity of the "Link in Bio" and tools that allow you to collect all of your recent or important links on one accessible page on Instagram. However, accounts with more than 10,000 followers will have access to slider links in Instagram Stories if that account is a business Instagram profile.

While it can take a while to get your Instagram account to 10,000 followers, if you create a successful Instagram strategy, you'll be linking your Stories content in no time. Using story links is a great way to highlight your latest content, highlight short term deals, or re-emerge timely content and products based on trends.

4. You can use Instagram advertising

Instagram ads and sponsored posts are created through Facebook Ads Manager. This means that you need to attach an Instagram business profile to your Facebook page for creating Instagram ad campaigns.

To generate leads, increase conversions, and hit the 10,000 follower threshold faster, your brand should take advantage of Instagram advertising. If you're struggling to expand your reach and overcome some of the challenges brands face using the Instagram algorithm, paid ads can help you target key audiences.

5. You can plan your contributions in advance

Another major Instagram update, now a few years old but of significant value to marketers, was the ability for users to schedule their posts automatically instead of manually scheduling a reminder to post content.

However, the ability to use a third-party tool like Sprout Social to schedule your content in advance is only available with Instagram Business Profiles.

So if you want to make managing your social media easier, do yourself (and your marketing team in general) a favor and switch to a business Instagram account. A tool like Sprout will give you a more complete picture of your upcoming content calendar, and it will make it easier for everyone who contributes to that content to collaborate.

6. You can tag products in your posts

Another great perk, only available to business accounts, is the ability to convert your feed into an online store.

Tagging products and turning photos into shippable posts is a great way to open up a whole new source of income for your brand. However, you must first change or set up your profile as a business account. Given that 46% of users make a purchase after viewing a product on Instagram and do even more research on that product after viewing it, it makes sense to simplify this type of navigation as much as possible.

How to switch to a business Instagram account

Have you heard enough about the benefits of having an Instagram business account? Ready to switch your account to an Instagram company profile? We'll walk you through the process so you can take advantage of these great benefits.

Step 1: Go to your Instagram account settings

Go to your profile and tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the app. Tap Configurations and then touch invoice To get started.

Step 2: Switch to the professional Instagram account

Once you are in your account settings you will see a blue call to action at the bottom of the page for you to do so Switch to the professional account.

Tap on it to push your big switch forward.

Step 3: Choose between a creator or company account

Instagram recently set up a new type of business account - an Instagram creator account. These are particularly intended for influencers, public figures, or other types of content producers, while a business account is best for brands and companies that are selling a product or service.

This is part of Instagram's effort to further separate influencers and businesses. This makes it more obvious to users when a partnership is an influencer promotion rather than an advertisement.

The tools that surround a creation account are slightly different from those that can be accessed in a business account. However, they were created with influencer marketing in mind. There are also other features related to messaging and profile flexibility.

The main features of the company profile are still available, including publications that can be purchased. This means that influencers can mark the products they recommend directly in their Instagram posts, which enables everyone involved to make even better purchases.

If you plan to work with companies How As an influencer, you want to create an Instagram creator account. If not, even if you are planning a partnership With To promote your products or services, you want to create an Instagram business account.

Step 4: Connect your Facebook Page

If you continue to create or switch a company profile, your next step is to connect your company profile to Facebook page. You must have administrative access to your company Facebook page to perform this action.

As soon as you confirm what Facebook page you want to connect, your company profile is ready!

When you switch to a creator profile, all you have to do is choose a category for the type of creator you are.

Here's how to go back to a personal Instagram account

If you decide that an Instagram creator or business account isn't for you, you can (and extremely easily) go back to a personal account.

You can also switch between merchant and creator accounts to find the one that makes the most sense for your brand.

All you have to do is go back to your account settings, and this time blue Switch to the professional account The call to action is replaced by two different options: Switch to a personal account or Switch to the creator account.

Make use of the Instagram business profile tools

Are you ready to speed up your Instagram marketing strategy? Switching to an Instagram company profile gives you access to many more branding tools and benefits that can really help you wow your audience on the platform.

To learn even more about how Instagram can do your business, check out our guide to organic Instagram strategies that work.