Charles Darwin was a racist

evolution Was Darwin a Racist?

Some time ago we were in South America, in Patagonia, and discovered there that Charles Darwin had written massively against the South American Indians. How did Darwin come into this? After all, it was this that caused the Spanish conquerors to live quite badly among the Indians and, in some cases, to exterminate entire tribes.

Darwin was appalled by certain behaviors he saw in Tierra del Fuego along the way. He did not against these people wrote. He later tried to see in his theory of the evolutionary development of life forms, to which humans belong, a common origin for all species, i.e. where all humans are then also common. And he tried not to portray this as higher or lower developed forms of humanity.

But on his first trips he was still a young man who was a bit amazed at certain rituals and simple behaviors. He may have put it a little too drastically on paper, but I wouldn't call that racism. I am amazed that "down there", that is, deep in the south of South America, the early writings of Darwin are received so meticulously, while one obviously does not look at his later works so closely. If one did that, one would find these early remarks corrected long ago.

Allegations of racism against Charles Darwin are ineffective

The accusation goes very far into the void, because Darwin is probably someone who has just drafted his theories to make it clear to slave traders - who raged at the time and whom Darwin despised as one can despise anyone as human - that all human beings have an origin, whether they are black or white, whether they live in South America or Europe ...

There were two types of people for the slave traders: There were better people - they were. And those were the other people; and therefore one could safely enslave them. This thought was unbearable for Darwin. He believed that all people have the same form of freedom and opportunities. A basic idea why he designed this family tree of evolution, which arises from its root, is to show that all humans had an origin.

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