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India - Cost of Living, Rent

Cost of living

If you have few demands and, moreover, do not want to live in expensive tourist or business regions, you can still lead a comfortable life in India on around 25 dollars a day. Those who prepare for Indian fare when eating can eat very cheaply.

You need around € 1,229.53 in Delhi to maintain the same standard of living that you could have in Berlin with € 3,600.00 (assuming you rent in the cities).

  • Consumer prices in Delhi are 61.25% lower than in Berlin (excluding rent)
  • Consumer prices including rent in Delhi are 65.85% lower than in Berlin
  • Rental prices in Delhi are 76.30% lower than in Berlin
  • Restaurant prices in Delhi are 60.75% lower than in Berlin
  • Food prices in Delhi are 54.97% lower than in Berlin
  • The local purchasing power in Delhi is 53.67% lower than in Berlin

Average Cost of Living in Delhi (from 08/2019 - 07/2020) Source:

restaurantØ € price
€ Price from / to
Food, price w. restaurant3,151,72 – 5,72
Middle class, 3 courses for 2 people.17,169,15 – 28,60
Local beer, 0.5 l1,720,97 – 3,43
Imported beer, 0.33 l2,861,72 – 5,38
cappuccino1,540,57 – 2,86
Coca / Pepsi (0.33 l)0,410,29 – 0,57
Water (0.33 l)0,180,11 – 0,23
FoodØ € price€ Price from / to
Milk (1 L)0,610,48 – 0,69
White bread (500g)0,400,23 – 0,63
Rice (white), (1kg)0,730,46 – 1,14
Eggs (12)0,79
0,55 – 1,10
Local cheese (1kg)4,162,06 – 9,15
Chicken breast fillet (1kg)2,961,72  – 4,58
Red meat (1kg)5,122,29 – 7,66
Apples (1kg)1,410,80 – 2,29
Bananas (1kg)0,610,46 – 1,01
Oranges (1kg)0,720,34 – 1,37
Tomatoes (1kg)0,390,23 – 0,69
Potatoes (1kg)0,290,23 – 0,46
Onions (1kg)0,360,23 – 0,69
Lettuce (1 head)0,460,23 – 1,14
Water (1.5 l)0,33
0,23 – 0,46
Bottle of wine (middle class)8,583,43 – 17,16
Local beer (0.5 l)1,360,92 – 2,07
Imported beer (0.33 l)2,341,37 – 3,43

Average cost of local transport, utilities, clothing, leisure, education of Delhi (from 08/2019 - 07/2020) Source:

Mode of TransportØ € price€ Price from / to
One-time ticket0,340,23 – 0,57
Monthly pass11,446,86 – 22,88
Taxi base amount0,570,34 – 1,14
Taxi 1 km0,210,11 – 0,34
Ancillary housing costsØ € price€ Price from / to
for 85 sqm apartment (electricity, water, garbage, etc.55,1524,31 – 114,38
1 minute prepaid mobile tariff0,010,01 – 0,01
Internet (60 Mbps or more, unlimited data, cable / ADSL)9,445,72 – 13,73
Clothes, shoes
Ø € price€ Price from / to
Jeans (Levis 501 or similar)28,6313,73 – 45,75
Summer dress (Zara, H&M,...27,7717,16 – 45,75
Nike sports shoes, middle class43,4622,88 – 68,63
Leather business shoes34,1417,16 – 57,19
Ø € price
€ Price from / to
Fitness center, month / adult20,379,53 – 34,31
Tennis, 1 hour on weekends6,882,86 – 11,44
a movie ticket4,002,86 – 5,72
Ø € price€ Price from / to
Preschool / Kindergarten, private, whole day, monthly per child69,4834,31 – 137,36
International primary school per year and child1.881,65686,28 – 4.003,32

Cell phone contracts cost very little. You can buy a SIM card with a daily data volume of 1.5 gigabytes for as little as 1.80 euros per month. (City of Pune, provider Jio - as of March 2019)

Internet is slower than in Germany.

National economy

The basis of the Indian economy are still the millions of small businesses in agriculture, industry and services. There is an extreme range from extremely rudimentary techniques in agriculture to world-leading technology in the computer sector.

Most companies are very productive. Productivity growth is rather moderate, but consistently positive.

The geographical distribution of economic power is very uneven. Union states such as Tamil Nadu have a significantly higher per capita income than Bihar. The Indian government is trying to find a balance between the Union states.

The competitive disadvantage of the domestic economy compared to many imported products is still offset by high import tariffs. The foreign trade volume of India is accordingly relatively low.

The high growth phase of recent years has made the regional development differences on the subcontinent and the increasing income gap between the expanding urban middle class and the predominantly poor rural population, where almost 70% of all Indians still live, sharper.


Renting an apartment is cheaper for a long time than staying in a hotel permanently. If you are willing to compromise on the quality of the bathroom / toilet, you can find a smaller apartment from 200 dollars a month in some cities. Anyone who pays in advance for a longer period of time when negotiating prices can negotiate considerable price advantages in view of the larger amounts in prospect for the landlord.

Average Rental Prices / Purchase and Salaries of Delhi (from 08/2019 - 07/2020) Source:

Monthly rental priceØ € price€ Price from / to
Apartment (1 bedroom) in the city center216,88114,38 – 343,14
Apartment (1 bedroom) outside the center124,6974,35 – 228,76
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in the city center500,65343,14 – 915,05
Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside the center292,20171,57 – 457,52
Purchase price of apartmentsØ € price€ Price from / to
Price per square meter for an apartment in the city - purchase1.787,511.143,81- 4.003,32
Price per square meter - apartment outside the center - purchase809,64492,47 – 1.477,42
wagesØ € price€ Price from / to
Average monthly salary (after taxes)447,30

Average rental prices (in euros) Mumbai (from 08/2019 - 07/2020)
1 bedroom apartment in the city center: € 498
1 bedroom apartment outside the city center: € 250
3 bedroom apartment in the city center: € 1,357
3 bedroom apartment outside the city center: € 569

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