Can WhatsApp become more racist

How can we help you?

The security and protection of your messages are important to us. We would like to inform you about the tools and features we use to help you protect yourself while using WhatsApp. We also have some links to other resources that you can use to improve online safety in general.

Our Terms of Use

One element that will help you stay safe on WhatsApp is our Terms of Use. This lists the activities that are prohibited on WhatsApp. For example, it is against our terms of use to submit content (in status, in profile pictures or in messages) that is unlawful, obscene, offensive, threatening, intimidating, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or that incites or encourages behavior that is illegal or otherwise violates our Terms of Use. We will block a user if we suspect that they violate our Terms of Use.

For more information and examples of activities that violate our Terms of Use, please carefully read the “Acceptable Use of Our Services” section of our Terms of Use.


We have built in some basic control mechanisms on WhatsApp that you can adjust yourself to protect yourself:

Control who can see your information

You can adjust your "last seen" timestamp, your profile picture and / or your status as follows:

Everyone: Your "last online" timestamp, your profile picture and / or your status are visible to all WhatsApp users.

my contacts: Your "last online" timestamp, your profile picture and / or your status are only visible to the contacts in your address book.

Nobody: Your "last online" timestamp, your profile picture and / or your status are not visible to anyone.

If you Read receipts you will no longer send read receipts. However, you will then no longer be able to see read receipts from other users.

Note: Read receipts are always sent in group chats, even if you have switched them off in your privacy settings.

Learn more about the privacy settings on: Android | iPhone

Determine what you see and who you are in contact with

You can block selected contacts so that they can no longer contact you via WhatsApp. For more information on how to block or unblock a contact, and what happens if you block a contact, read these articles.

Determine what you share

You can decide for yourself what you share with your contacts on WhatsApp. Please think carefully before you share something. Ask yourself if others want to see what you just broadcast.

Please note that we do not save any messages after they have been delivered as part of the provision of our services. To ensure the security, confidentiality and protection of a message, we do not save it after it has been delivered via WhatsApp.

However, if you share a chat, photo, video, file, or voice message with someone on WhatsApp, that person will have a copy of that information. The person can then forward this data to others via WhatsApp or other means.

WhatsApp has a location function that you can use to keep your current Location to share in a WhatsApp message. You should only share your location with people you trust.

Advanced security features

Report problems on WhatsApp

You can report something to WhatsApp by contacting us from within the app.

  • On Android: Open Whatsapp > tap on More options > Settings > Help > Contact us.
  • On iPhone: Open Whatsapp > Settings > Help > To contact.

Please send as much information as possible.

Important: If you suspect someone is in danger (mentally or physically), contact your local police. She can help better in these cases.

We encourage you to report problematic content to us. Please note that in order to ensure the security, confidentiality and security of your messages, we generally do not have the content of messages available. This limits our ability to review the report and take action.

If necessary, you can take a screenshot of the content and share it with the relevant law enforcement agencies along with the contact information available.


The first time you receive a message from an unknown number, you have the option to report the number directly in the chat.

You can also report contacts and groups directly from their profile info:

  1. Open the chat.
  2. Tap the name of the contact or group to open their profile info.
  3. Scroll down and tap Report contact or Report group.

After reporting, WhatsApp will receive the latest messages that you have received from a reported user or group, as well as information about your most recent interactions with that user or group.


We may suspend accounts that we believe may violate our Terms of Use. According to our terms of use, we have the right to block you without warning. Please note that reporting a user who violates our Terms of Use does not necessarily mean that we will block them or take any other action against them.

Please read the “Acceptable Use of Our Services” section of our Terms of Use carefully to learn more about the appropriate use of WhatsApp and activities that violate our Terms of Use.

Spam and fake news

We go to great lengths to combat spam that is spread through our system. Our top priority is to provide our users with a secure communication platform. However, just like with SMS or phone calls, it is possible that you will be contacted by other WhatsApp users who have your phone number saved in their phone. That's why we want to help you identify spam and false positives and deal with them properly.

Spam and fake news can come from your contacts or someone else. These types of messages spread false information and are designed to deceive you and induce certain behavior. If you find a message suspicious or too good to be true, don't tap, share, or forward it.

Messages that do one or more of the following should make you suspicious:

  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Prompt to tap a link
  • Asking to share your personal information (such as credit card and bank account numbers, date of birth, passwords, etc.)
  • Request to forward the message
  • Prompt to tap on a link to "activate" a new function
  • Notice that you have to pay for WhatsApp (WhatsApp is a free app. We will never ask you to pay to use WhatsApp, and you will never have to do anything to keep using WhatsApp for free.)
What you should do

If you receive a message from an unknown number, you will be offered the option of reporting the number as spam to WhatsApp directly from the app.

If you received spam from a contact, delete the message and tap no links. Do not reveal any personal information either. Let your contact know that their message contains spam and point them to this WhatsApp security page.

You can report something to WhatsApp by contacting us from within the app.

additional Information

If you think you or someone else is in imminent danger, please contact your local emergency services.

If you receive messages from someone who wants to harm themselves and you are concerned about their safety, please contact your local emergency services or suicide prevention hotline.

If you receive or see content suggesting that a child is being abused or exploited, please contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).