How do I save the turtles

Volunteering turtles

The fascination of the turtle

The Distribution area of ​​sea turtles extends over the tropical and subtropical waters of the entire planet, whether on the high seas or near the coast. To Egg laying the animals almost always return to the beach on which they themselves hatched - and in the course of this they cover unbelievable distances; swim thousands of kilometers across the world's oceans. A sea turtle's clutch can contain over 100 eggs. Of the hatched young animals that weigh around 20 grams, on average only one in 1000 reaches reproductive age.

As some of the oldest vertebrates, turtles populate both those species country as well as in sea, our earth for around 200 million years. They are adaptable animals that have been able to withstand all adversities throughout the history of the earth.

Why conservation of turtles?

But the age of man is making it increasingly difficult for these fascinating beings, tough enough to survive the dinosaurs. Climate change, pollution, habitat destruction and poaching have in part brought them to the brink of Extinction brought. So now apply over 60% of all turtle species in their very existence as severely threatened.

Especially when the animals are Egg laying When they come to the beach, they and their nests are exposed to immense dangers. During this time, poachers have an easy time killing and killing adult animals for their meat or shell Eggswhich are considered a delicacy in many places to plunder and resell. But also the destruction of the living space through the construction of hotel complexes or other economic projects as well as the (plastic) pollution of the seas and beaches play a large part in the dramatic The turtles are disappearing.

Comprehensive protection of turtles is imperative, not only because of their own sake, but also because of their key role in our ecosystems. Turtle volunteer programs support and that way Rescue turtles: You too can help Protect sea turtles and sit down with Natucate as Turtle volunteer in Costa Rica or Africa.

Volunteering with turtles

Volunteering in Africa and Costa Rica with turtles: Through your participation in ours Turtle projects in Africa and Central America You make an important contribution to the research, protection and thus to the preservation of endangered sea turtles.

Together with other volunteers from all over the world, you patrol specific sections of the beach in order to find clutches of sea turtles, to guard them and to enable the hatching young animals a safe way into the sea.

To gain knowledge for the construction of artificial breeding grounds and Sanctuary for turtles In more suitable places, you will also be able to document data related to the Turtle nests entrusted. The cleaning of coastal areas and the implementation of various renaturation work are also part of the tasks during your volunteer work in Africa and Latin America - because in this way you support the recovery and preservation of the natural habitat of the animals.

Saving turtles with Natucate

Volunteering with turtles in Costa Rica, on the Seychelles and up Mauritius: Bar in our projects Volunteering with turtles and contribute to the rescue of these wonderful creatures as part of a unique time abroad.