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The art in the construction of the chemical institutes and institutes for water management designed by Klein & Sänger on the campus of the TU Dresden are met with great approval from all sides. What I like so much is an installation made of colored rods, which the Berlin-based artist Roland Fuhrmann (born 1966) describes as an “impressionistic spatial painting” and a “spectral symphony”.
Almost 1,500 borosilicate glass rods hang on stainless steel wire ropes of different lengths in eleven rows from the ceiling of the atrium and - provided with partially translucent mineral pigments - form a colored light space that is 30 meters long, 3.35 meters wide and 15 meters high. The air space of the atrium becomes a playground made up of round bars, the 40 colors of which increase in strength when they work together. The movement of people in the institute adds to the diversity of impressions. The sunlight, which makes the colors shine and creates lively shadows, is also included in the effect of the art.
The colors of this “spectral symphony of the elements” are not created from free imagination. Her art-in-building-typical impetus is due to the scientific knowledge that has to do with the subject area of ​​the institute, the so-called line spectrum of light, with the help of which every chemical element can be determined.
Fuhrmann has shown the line spectra of all 99 elements - in the order of their ordinal number in the periodic table - in horizontal order. The number of glass tubes assigned to each element corresponds to the number of lines that the element has in the spectrum. In this respect, the art of the atrium is a regulated play of color configurations, which symbolically reveal themselves as new chemical compounds as you walk through the passage. Regardless of the special inspiration of the work, the sensual appearance, optical lightness and colorful variety of the “Spectral Symphony” in the hall create a positive atmosphere, the casualness of which is a real art-in-building virtue. MS

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