What are the health benefits of CLA

Conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) and their effects

Numerous studies as well as tests on animals and humans have confirmed that conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) can help break down body fat.

Last update: November 30, 2020

Conjugated linoleic acidsare a modified form of linoleic acids that have various health benefits. This includes, for example, the regulation of appetite. However, these linoleic acids are also said to have many effects that have not yet been fully proven. Since the safety of the consumer comes first, caution is therefore advised in order to prevent undesirable effects in the long term.

Conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) and their healthy effects

In recent years, conjugated linoleic acids have attracted the interest of scientists and consumers alike,because they are characterized by various health-promoting properties.These include cardiovascular health benefits and anti-cancer effects.

Other beneficial properties that are also very interesting:

  • Mudulation of the immune system
  • Antidiabetic effect
  • Better bone mineralization
  • Loss of body fat

We then take a closer look at how conjugated linoleic acids work and what advantages they have:

Lipid-lowering and antiteratogenic effects

The antiteratogenic and lipid-lowering effects of conjugated linoleic acids were examined in animal experiments. Teratogens are substances that promote malformations. Since the CLA lower the cholesterol level and the triglyceride values, they also prevent deformities of the fetus during pregnancy and therefore have an antiteratogenic effect.

Various scientists have hypothesized that the effect of conjugated linoleic acids on lipid metabolism could be due to the activation of transcription factors.

Against diabetes

As far as the antidiabetic effect is concerned, it was found in various animal experiments that the conjugated linoleic acidsimilar to how certain medicines used for diabetes work.

In clinical trials in patients with type 2 diabetes who were given conjugated linoleic acids,a significant reduction in blood sugar levels on an empty stomach could be demonstrated. It also reduced leptin levels, BMI (body mass index) and weight.

Anti-obesity effect

Numerous studies and tests on animals and humans show thatconjugated linoleic acids can reduce body fat.This may open up the commercial use of this fatty acid as aMedicines for the prevention and treatment of obesity.

However, some controversial effects have also been observed in humans:When the conjugated linoleic acids were administered to non-obese individuals, no significant changes in body fat were observed.

The conjugated linoleic acid seems to have an effect on body fat from a certain energetic imbalance. It is possible that this fatty acid may reduce food intake, increase energy expenditure, and also have both effects at the same time.

Conjugated linoleic acids improve the immune system

This effect was only recently discovered,but there are still no corresponding studies that could actually prove the improvement of the immune system.However, it has been observed that this can increase the number of certain immunoglobulins (antibodies), which are important for recognizing and rejecting foreign substances.

So conjugated linoleic acids could be usefulto prevent certain food allergies.

Anti-cancer effect

This effect is one of the best-researched properties. There are not only experimental studies, but also studies on humans, as is the case with the anti-obesity effects.

The results achieved with regard to breast cancer screening are better compared to other, similar substances.The antioxidant effect, the improved immune response, the inhibition of angiogenesis (growth of blood vessels through sprouting or splitting processes) and the formation of metastases, in combination with apoptosis (cell death) could explain the cancer-inhibiting effect.

Conjugated linoleic acids and their effect on bone mineralization

Finally we would like to mention that from variousStudies suggest that conjugated linoleic acid may be beneficial in sarcopenia (age-related decrease in muscle mass and strength) and osteoporosis.It also has a positive effect on the function of the articular cartilage.

Should studies on humans confirm the previous study results,This effect of conjugated linoleic acid could also be used very advantageously. But more human studies need to be done to confirm this effect.


Conjugated linoleic acids are characterized by a wide variety of health benefits.However, many of them need further investigation.

Finally, we would like to mention that this is linoleic acidunder no circumstances can it replace other medical treatments.Before you decide to take conjugated linoleic acid, seek in-depth advice from your doctor or pharmacist. Because don't forget: the wrong intake could also have serious consequences!

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