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Power napping: 8 tips for the perfect nap in the office

You can't do without your coffee in the morning? Understandable. But have you ever heard of Power napping belongs? It is the Alternative to the daily dose of caffeine. A little nap to help you do the infamous To bridge the afternoon gap and stay productive. More and more companies are now encouraging their employees to take so-called power naps at work. Some even offer special rooms with specially designed chairs for slumbering.

No wonder, because the results of numerous studies speak for themselves: That Salk Institute For example, found out that the brain activity of power nappers remains higher throughout the day than that of others, but that it decreases with increasing duration of the day.

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Another study of the Harvard School of Public Health found that people who nap during the day are 34 percent less likely to die from heart problems. In summary, power napping offers these advantages:

  • It improves that Brain function.
  • It improves the ability Process information and save.
  • It improves that alertness and reduces the frequency of errors and accidents.
  • It increases that productivity.
  • It improves that Mood.
  • It lowers the Blood pressure.
  • It strengthens that memory.

Of course, an afternoon nap is not for everyone, and some people have trouble sleeping during the day. However, if you have the Reduce stress in the workplace and want to increase your productivity, you should give power napping a chance. With these 8 tips your next nap turns into a real power nap:

1. Beware of deep sleep: set yourself an alarm clock!

If you longer than 15 to 30 minutes sleep, there is a risk of falling into deep sleep and waking up with a headache. This makes you feel sleepy and may have trouble falling asleep later at night. Therefore: Set the alarm clock do not forget!

2. Minimize possible disruptive factors for the perfect short nap

Switch all electronic devices and pull on one quiet place back. Earplugs can also be helpful. This will ensure that you have a full 15 minutes of uninterrupted sleep.

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3. For your body: cut down on caffeine

If you want to have a really relaxing power nap in the afternoon, you should do so in the morning little coffee and energy drinks drink as possible. Too much caffeine will make it harder to fall asleep unless you drink it right before you lie down.

4. Make yourself comfortable for your nap

Some people like to sleep with their head on their desk or leaned back in their office chair. However, you should try to yourself spread out on an office sofa and use a pillow for your head. Also check whether the Room temperature comfortable is for you so that you can fall asleep right away.

Need a power nap?
There are Sleep pods available at your campus library.

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5. Darken the room

Too much light makes the power nap difficult. So turn off the lights and lower the blinds - you can do both enough darkness for sleep.

6. Free your mind

Make sure you have your power nap in a stress-free zone to keep. Clear your mind of any thoughts, worries, or concerns and tell yourself that this is your 15 or 30 minutes. You still have the rest of the day to deal with problems or unfinished business.

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7. More energy: take your time waking up

Some people wake up from a power nap feeling sluggish, mostly because of them slept too long to have. If you are still disoriented, give yourself a few minutestimeto get back to the here and now. Rub your arms and thighs to invigorate your body, and at best, splash cold water on your face. Then you are ready for a few more hours in the office!

8. A few minutes are enough - don't sleep too long

If you plan your power nap earlier rather than later in the day, you will probably be able to sleep better at night. However, sleeping too long during the day can interfere with night sleep and lead to insomnia. So limit your nap to a maximum of 30 minutes and ideally plan it before 3 p.m. a. This is how you get the best results.


It's time for a power nap?

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