Little girls should wear Sharara kurta

Bottom wears to pair with a kurti

It's affordable, convenient, easy to carry, and can be worn for any occasion all year round. Plus it makes a great style statement. That's the beauty of a kurti. But you also need to pair your kurti with the right floors. A salwar or churidar is not the only option. There are different types of bottom wear and churidar pant models with names for you to consider and choose from. Let's expand our knowledge base about floors for kurtis and see how we can look different every time we try different bottom wears (ethnic to western) for kurtis. I'll also walk you through different types of pants for women. Ready? Keep on writing.

1. Leggings

They are the most common floorwear paired with kurtis of all sizes and shapes. They're so comfortable that they fit you like a second skin. And leggings aren't just one type. You can choose between printed leggings, leggings with mesh details, sheer leggings and even leather leggings to stay one step ahead of your fashion. Black isn't the only color of the leggings. There are green, blue, orange, pink, red, purple, cream and everything in between. Whether office, club party, evening or evening, there is a legging for every need.

Opportunity: For travel, office wear, during pregnancy and after pregnancy, or any other gathering

Fashion Tips:

  • Make sure that the fabric of the leggings is “stretchy” enough (or is otherwise suitable for the comfort zone). Legging fabric, like lycra, PVC, rayon, or a spandex blend, is good to go with. Otherwise, you could get "elephant knees" in the middle of the day.
  • Avoid tight, tight-fitting leggings. Otherwise it will ruin the clothing measurements balance.
  • The legging fabric should not be see-through. NEVER!
  • Instead of pairing the same color with legging, try looking for contrast or print
  • The size of the leggings shouldn't be small. Because when you sit, the fabric can stand up a little and show your legs. But yeah, it's just your call (whether you want to reveal a little or no)
  • Don't wear a short kurti over leggings. Jeans or jeggings will be more suitable to wear.
  • Wear leggings when your kurti is loose
  • Bulky women should feel happy because leggings are great choices for stylists
  • Different legging lengths give you a different look. For example, ankle-length leggings give you a professional and chic look for office supplies
  • Pairing technique for you - a pair of patterned or printed leggings with unprinted or unprinted lace.

2. Churidar

Any idea why leggings are better off than churidar on most occasions? Because leggings are more flexible to wear and more comfortable. But leggings don't have the grace of a churidar. While leggings go well with casual wear, they can be a spoiler when wearing traditional clothing.

Churidar does the most (for mating reasons) when wearing ethnic clothing. And then women in PLUS size just can't fit in leggings. So, churidar is a better option in many ways.

Fashion points:

  • Churidars look great with long kurtis and anarkalis. So, avoid short kurtis with churidars.
  • Full sleeves give a professional look when paired with churidar.

3. Jeggings

Jeans are tough and don't stretch (and they come with zippers and buttons). Leggings are against it. Why not a mix between the two? Here comes JEGGINGS.

Jeans in short, jeggings are the most preferred outfit for college goers. It bypasses the mandatory zipper or button in jeans. All you have to do is pull it to your waist. That's it. Just match a clean and crisp cotton kurti (the size of the kurtis can be short, knee-length or waist-length) or a tunic with your beloved jeans (skinny jeans look very sexy) and you will look hotter than ever.

Can't I wear jeans in summer? You can always resort to jeggings for the comfort factor they bring.

Note: Jeggings gives you a wide range of color options (light and college-friendly colors) and pastel shades with denim wash effects.

4. Skinny jeans

Talking about college girls and skinny jeans is high on her shopping list. While t-shirts and tops are a common thing with jeans, kurti is an adventurous and fashionable option.


  • Pairing-wise, skinny jeans are a bomb. You can be perfect with any of them - a short tunic, knee-length kurti, or hip-length kurtis.
  • If you're into jeans, choose sleeveless or 3/4 sleeve kurti. They look better than a short kurti
  • Wearing embellished or patterned kurti on patterned jeans will be a colossal mistake. Keep the kurti level when you go for a thoughtful floor.
  • If you're in the mood for boot-cut jeans, then just pair a short, waist-length kurti.
  • Long straight kurti and ballerinas go well with skinny jeans.

5. Palaces

HUGE-HUGE TREND they are. The style and cut of the palazzos are unavoidable. That's why it's a surefire summer winner. If you want an ethnic look then pair a long kurti with a palazzo.

Even slotted kurtis steal the show when paired with palazzos. If you have a simple and easy kurti then choose a palazzo with bottom border prints or detailing on the sides.

Fashion Tips:

  • Go bold with a sheer palazzo or try border prints for a rich classic look
  • With a short kurti, the wrap-around palazzo would be a perfect addition. Long kurti usually covers the palazzo
  • Match your palazzo with sleeveless long straight printed kurti. It will give you a decent professional look
  • For party attire, crush the palazzo with short printed (or short angarakha) kurti
  • For causal excursion, go for printed palazzo

6. Aladdin-style salwar

Note from history

Does ‘Aladdin Salwar’ call a bell? It is shaped after the famous cartoon character Aladdin, who wore long trousers that hung for a long time between her legs.

Well, guess the new name of Aladdin Salwar? “Bangaroo Salwar” also known as harem pants. Foreign tourists also prefer it for its comfort and style.

But why Aladdin Salwar when the general trend in floors for kurtis includes anything between patiala salwars to palazzos?

For one, salwar kameez is the most popular Indian outfit. Therefore, if you are wearing a kurti there are a lot more TRENDY options in Salwar Kameez than you thought. These include Aladdin Salwar, Boot Cut Salwar, Split Salwar, Pleated Salwar, Sharara Salwar, Parallel Salwar etc. Isn't that overwhelming?

did you know

There are two styles of Aladdin-

  • Completely loose ends of the pants with large cuffs
  • More width between the legs (like harem pants)

7. Long skirts

Yes, not many colleges allow girls to wear short skirts. Long skirts bridge this gap. Long skirt looks even more graceful with a short cotton curtain.

Fashion tips

  • The fashionable pair of sleeveless kurti and maxi skirt looks cool
  • A piece of scarf or stole can help you create a fashion statement with simple cotton curtains.

Now here come different types of pants for women. You will love their names as much as the pants in question.

8. Cigarette pants

This undergarment is overly cool and trendy when paired with kurtis that it simply ends at the ankle (not beyond it) and thereby gives you an instant stylish look. They are so fashionable, comfortable and light that you can wear them around the clock. It is correct to say that cigarette pants are for the retro girls.

What kind of kurtis to wear with cigarette pants? They can be straight kurtis, flowing kurtis, kaftans, or tail-cut kurtis.

Plus points

Cigarette pants give you the same fit of a churidar but with NO CHUDIS. That makes it all the nicer and more flexible, doesn't it?

9. Dhoti pants

These pants with kurti are sure to make you stand out in the crowd. Such is the beauty of Dhoti Salwar. Brings you that perfect indo-western look. To avoid looking bulky, wear dhoti pants with well-fitting kurtis. Dhoti pants don't always have to look simple and plain, you can also go for embroidered or embellished border style dhoti pants. Depending on the occasion and occasion, you can bring these variations between simple and ornate dhoti pants.

USP: Dhoti Pants have many folds in the thigh area. The folds are loose on the upper leg area and narrow or tapered to the ankle.

Fashion Tips:

  • Those of you with a pear-shaped body should avoid wearing dhoti pants because it adds more volume to the hip area
  • Throw a cape over dhoti shorts to keep you looking great.
  • Try and avoid lycra or stretch fabrics. They tend to stick to the body, that's why
  • Go for waist-length kurti. This way, the fabulous style of draping can be noticed.

10. Patiala pants

Guess the Bollywood celebrities who popularized these different types of bottom wear? It started with “Bebo” Kareena Kapoor Khan in Jab We Met, then Anushka Sharma in Band Baaja Baarat and Kangana Ranaut in Tanu Weds Manu, etc.

The gift of Punjab - that's what Patiala Pants are all about. These pants with kurti are another stylish undergarment that can be combined with a kurti. You need double material for sewing, but loosely; They have become a summer favorite. Why? Because they do not stick to the skin and give the skin plenty of space to breathe. Choose them in soft breathable fabrics like cotton or chiffon.

USP: The best way to make Patiala pants is to have them come with pleats (not one, but many). Unless you feel like wearing too many folds, you can always consider half-palatias.

Fashion Tips:

  • Patiala Pants can be customized for any occasion. E.g. - as college fashion, as party wear and as bridal wear (in the form of heavily embroidered patiala).
  • If you find it difficult to hold a large number of wrinkles then go to semi-patiala salwar. It has little wrinkles, that's why.
  • In the scorching summers, it is best to buy cotton patiala salwar. It will give you the much-needed comfort and relief.
  • To highlight the wrinkles, always go for a knee-length patiala salwar or a short kurti.
  • The ideal sleeve length for a kurti worn with Patiala Salwar is 3/4.
  • Apple-shaped women should avoid wearing patiala pants as they add fullness to the body.
  • The best news for heavy looking and overweight women is that Patiala Salwar adds proportion to the body by helping to hide large hips and thighs.
  • With simple kurti, wear floral (or printed) patiala.

11. Wide-cut pants

These pants are dedicated to long-legged beauties. If summer looks awful when the idea of ​​wearing skinny jeans, choose wide leg pants to stay cool.

How to complement wide-leg pants?

  • Kitten heels are best for long-legged girls
  • Avoid the idea of ​​pointed shoes when wearing wide trousers
  • When buying wide leg pants, make sure they are long enough to hide your hi-heels
  • The best pairing and Pakistani style go well with wide pants

How do you find this post on different types of floor wear? Tell us by writing in the comments.

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