How was your first ejaculation experience

How was your first ejaculation and when?

My experience, but I'm going to dig something out .... So sorry for the long text.

I can remember the first orgasm. It was very, very violent.
Before that, I played around with him until he was somehow overwrought. Each time I touched the glans, the feeling was somewhere between tingling and itching on the glans. So I never dared to continue there before. Besides, I didn't know what would happen next.

Because at the age of 7 I discovered an unlabeled VHS from my dad in the closet when I was at home alone for a short time. I put them in and saw a man put his thing in a woman. I have never seen a completely naked woman before. To be honest, I found the woman downstairs disgusting at the time. Both people in the video groaned, not knowing whether it was pain or not. Because what they were doing looked really exhausting.
The woman then rubbed the man's limb and the poor guy apparently groaned in pain as he peeed. His pee was somehow different. Pus?
The poor man ... VHS off and back in the closet.

At some point I woke up at night and heard my parents groan. Oh no, my papa is so sick too.

Then at some point I found magazines and I was older. At some point there I realized that the man's white stuff wasn't pus. Then some pictures with it, where women pissed on the man and wandered around. But it still has to hurt, so why are they all moaning? But adults still seem to like to do it. So they have to like it. After all, there are a lot of things that adults like and children don't. At some point later I started playing on myself out of curiosity. There must be something great about it.
At some point I always had such a blatant feeling, like a tingling leg that fell asleep, where I didn't want to continue.

Until I finally gathered up my courage, secretly tweaked a notebook and holed up with it in the bathroom when I was at home alone. In tow, a floor mop and a bucket of water. Because in the pictures and in the video there was so much pee and so much white stuff out.

And what happened? I dropped to my knees from standing and the feeling was indescribable. Like an electric shock through the whole body, only in beautiful.
Yeah and where is that stuff i saw? Nothing!
I forgot the bucket. My mother asked me what I was up to.
Since I'm bad at lying, I said I wanted to clean the bathroom 
She was surprised, but didn't ask any further questions. I think she suspected some kind of prank.

When something came out, I was much older. I also had sex education classes behind me. So you might call me a late bloomer, but I don't care ... Before that, I only had dry orgasms.
My old velvet bathrobe, which I always liked to take for self-service, was hanging in the closet. Great feeling, soft ect ...
When something unexpectedly came out, the part was full. Panic, if my mother gets it, etc ... So I washed it myself

In any case, I like to look back and think it's kind of cool that I had no idea back then what it was all about. At that time I didn't have any sources like Google etc ... Even with friends there was never the topic, other boys' pranks were more interesting.
Everyone should make the experience themselves, without any information in advance. The surprise is then perfect.

It's a real shame that today's kiddies, regardless of their age, can get all the information they need from the internet.


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