Top infertility treatment

Methods of infertility treatment

Determining the appropriate treatment

On the basis of the initial consultation, the severity of the couple's cause of infertility is assessed and the recommendation for the treatment procedure is derived from this. For couples for whom the diagnosis made it possible, we first try to start with the simple treatment methods and only then move on to the more demanding ones.

Treatment Limits

According to the current legislation of the Czech Republic, we can only treat heterosexuals who meet the woman's age limit for treatment with assisted reproduction methods. On the day of the embryo transfer, or possibly the insemination, the woman must not be older than 48 years + 364 days. After reaching the age of 49, no further treatment may be carried out.

BMI limits

  1. Patients with a BMI over 35 have significantly lower chances of success with artificial insemination.
  2. Egg retrieval from overweight patients is usually technically difficult - the ovaries are difficult to access for the aspiration biopsy needle and egg retrieval does not have to be correspondingly successful.
  3. When attempting an aspiration biopsy (suctioning off) of egg cells, there is an increased risk of injury to surrounding organs (the intestine, large blood vessels, the urinary bladder) if they are poorly accessible. In the event of such complications, an emergency operation is necessary, but we are unable to secure it here on site.
  4. General anesthesia is associated with a very high risk in overweight patients.

For the reasons mentioned above, we have introduced a BMI limit of 40. If a patient exceeds this limit, no egg collection can be performed.

Type of infertility treatment

Following the diagnosis made, the doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment. The types of treatment, depending on whether the problem is woman's or man's, are as follows: