What is c2c

C2C terminology and definition

C2C stands for the English term Consumer-to-consumer and can be most easily translated consumer to consumer. It describes an area of ​​e-commerce in which two of the more private individuals enter into a business relationship.

In addition to C2C, there are other possible business relationships such as the business-to-consumer area (B2C), in which companies and consumers are in a business relationship and the business-to-business area (B2B), which describes the business relationships between companies.

C2C: Especially online

Today, C2C mainly takes place online and describes transactions that are carried out electronically. Nevertheless, the business field is not an invention that was created by the Internet. For example, long before the Internet age, there was the possibility of Private seller using newspaper advertisements. However, off-line sales only play a subordinate role.

The internet has become the channel for C2C. While sales were relatively manageable in the past, they have grown extremely thanks to the network. Today there are hardly any areas in which goods are not sold via C2C. The motivation for the customers is especially that reasonable prices, while sellers get the opportunity to generate additional income from items that they would otherwise throw away or remain idle for a long time.

C2C on the Internet

The success on the Internet can mainly be explained by the fact that there are only very low barriers to entry. Anyone who has Internet access can become a seller and his Offer goods online. To do this, sellers usually use auction houses and electronic sales portals. In addition, many Internet forums also offer their users the option of one Marketplace at. Forums with very specific topics in particular want to offer their users an extra service. These offers then function like newspaper advertisements.

However, the C2C boom on the Internet was triggered by Auction houses. The fact that many people believed they could get special bargains here played a particularly important role. The internationalization, which was further intensified by the network, also contributed to the growth of the market. So it is now easier, cheaper Goods abroad to buy and then resell them to customers in Germany. However, sellers have to be careful here, as the state can assume an intention to make a profit and one is therefore forced to register a business.

Although the trade at C2C happens between private individuals, companies are usually involved. They often provide the necessary Portals on which the Transactions mediated. The offer is financed either through advertising, recruitment fees or a percentage share in the sale. Forums mainly use advertising, while auction houses and sales portals use fees and commission. Since the market has grown rapidly since the introduction of the Internet, many successful providers have emerged.

Benefits of C2C

The biggest advantage of C2C is that a lot low effort. This applies to both sellers and buyers. Every owner of an internet connection theoretically has the opportunity to work in the C2C area. The high range of the Internet also helps here. They give the sellers a very high potential of potential buyers, which makes it attractive to post offers. The high number of offers in turn attracts even more buyers.

In addition, the buyer often receives better and more precise information about the goods. Pictures of the products usually show the actual condition, while when buying a new product you only see the advertising pictures of the packaging. In addition, the high number of offers means that you get the opportunity with the help of to compare to get even more information. Salespeople can build an image for themselves through good service and performance and, like companies, strengthen their profile.

Cons of C2C

The main disadvantage of C2C sales arises from industry. Reselling the products leads to an extension of the life cycle. This leads to the fact that no new products are bought and the Sales are falling. In addition, providers of media products have the problem that their offers can often only be used once and then quickly resold.

At Computer games or Film a particularly active C2C market has emerged. Here, used sales damage companies, especially when a new product is launched. Since the profit margin is highest at this point and prices fall faster compared to other products, private resales have a particularly negative effect on companies' sales.

But there are also disadvantages for customers in C2C transactions. So are Private sales excluded from guarantee or warranty obligations. Hence, buyers have to rely on the honesty of the vendor. However, the anonymity of the internet has attracted many scammers who try to profit from buyers by posting false offers. The providers have therefore introduced evaluation options on auction and sales portals to help users assess providers. However, an evaluation does not offer total protection as it can be manipulated.

C2C without a business relationship

Again and again you come across the C2C term without a business relationship being involved. Even pure communication or the exchange of customers about a product or service is described as C2C.

These communications include, for example Product comparison portals or Forumswhere customers can exchange information about the quality of products. This type of exchange of views has increased over the past few years. Product comparison portals are now one of the primary places where people get information before they buy a new product, which is becoming a problem for companies. The effect of advertising in particular decreases, as people can quickly check the alleged advertising and quality promises on portals.

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