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The most beautiful quotes about reading

When we read, we dive into new worlds. Books fire our imagination and entertain us. Here we present you the most beautiful quotes about reading

Reading makes us laugh and sometimes even moves us to tears, it conjures up images in front of our inner eye and some books even captivate us so much that we can hardly put them down. We agree: Reading is the nicest thing in the world! The following quotes show that many great thinkers, writers, and philosophers share this view and have been:

Quotes about reading

"Nothing chases away bad dreams faster than the rustle of printed paper."
- Cornelia Funke -

"There is more treasure in books than pirate booty on Treasure Island ... and best of all, you can enjoy that wealth every day of your life."
- Walt Disney -

"Of all the worlds that man has created, that of the books is the mightiest."
- Heinrich Heine -

"A house without books is poor, even if beautiful carpets cover the floors and precious wallpaper and pictures cover the walls."
- Hermann Hesse -

"You learn to love, laugh and walk from your parents. But only when you come into contact with books do you discover that you have wings."
- Helen Hayes -

"A room without books is a body without a soul."
- Cicero -

"A life without books is like a childhood without fairy tales, is like a youth without love, is like an old age without peace."
- Carl Peter Fröhling -

"Reading strengthens the soul"
- Voltaire -

"When I feel bad, I don't go to the pharmacy, but to my bookseller."
- Philippe Dijan -

"Anyone who knows how to read has the key to great deeds and unimaginable opportunities."
- Aldous Huxley -

"Books are magic carpets into the realm of the imagination."
- James Daniel -