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Translation of "so quiet" in Polish

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tak cicho
It is so quietsince Arthur studied.
Było do tak cicho, odkąd Arthur pojechał do college'u.
It has never been so quiet here.
The house is so quietwhen it's empty you know
she is so quietthat it sometimes goes unnoticed.
No, ona jest taka cicha, że czasami wślizguje się niezauważona.
Hanna, why are you so quiet?
you are now so quiet as possible, otherwise it's your turn to crown jewels.
Będziesz tak cicho, jak to tylko możliwe, bo inaczej zacznę od strzelenia ci w kolano.
Because it all at once so quiet becomes.
He's never been to pasta so quiet.
Nigdy never był tak cicho, gdy chodziło o makaron.
It was so quiet without you and lonely
It was so quiet and wonderful and calm.
I never have the house so quiet experienced.
It is only so quiet when you're all alone here.
Why are you so quiet, Anne?
When you hunt and it so quiet you have to be careful.
Kiedy polujesz i nagle robi się tak cicho, bądź ostrożny.
It is so quiet, now that Rebekah and Klaus are gone.
Jest tak cicho, kiedy never ma Klausa i Rebekah.
Amir was so quietwhen he was back ...
Why are you so quiet? - Because I committed adultery.
Dlaczego jesteś tak cicho - Dlaczego popełnił cudzołóstwo ?.
The whole time I was wondering why it was so quiet was.
Cały czas zastanawiałem się, czemu było tak cicho.
It is so quietsince Klaus and Rebekah left.
Jest tak cicho, kiedy never ma Klausa i Rebekah.
It is so quiet out here ... after all these people and all this noise.
Jest do tak cicho po tym całym hałasie i tych wszystkich ludziach.
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