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Scarlett Johansson's mysterious man hunt on Craigslist

The US actress Scarlett Johansson has already shone in a number of roles - just think of her light-footed play in "Lost In Translation" at the side of Bill Murray. Still, hardly a 29-year-old film has been expected with such tension as the mysterious thriller "Under The Skin" by the famous commercial filmmaker and director Jonathan Glazer, in which Johansson plays an alien femme fatale on the hunt for men. Just in time for the upcoming cinema release in the USA on April 4, the production company A24 is once again heating up the discussions about the film with an unusual advertising campaign.

As a platform for the viral campaign, A24 has the advertisement portal, which is widely used in the Anglo-Saxon region Craigslistused and posted a seductive personal ad there. The ad photo shows the section of Scarlett Johansson's bare back - underneath is the mysterious and ambiguous message: "This is me. Are you alone? Please be alone." The telephone number hidden in the advertisement (+1 929-223-4414) finally leads to the voice of the actress, who beguiles the curious user with the emphatically lascivious request "Come to me".

In addition to the actual ad, which has since been removed from Craigslist, A24 has published three motifs, each showing an item of clothing taken off and attracting attention to the film with the hashtag "#UnderTheSkin". There are also two websites - based on a significant question from Johansson from the science fiction flick - which advertise "Under The Skin" under the motto "When was the last time you touched someone?" Everything, of course, under the premise: the more mysterious, the better.

The British film is about the alien protagonist Laura, who apparently seduces men at random in Scotland and then makes them disappear (see trailer below). It is based on the novel "Die Weltenwanderin" by Michael Faber. It has not yet been determined when the film will start in Germany. dd



(All motifs: A24)