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Slovenia is a country with great cultural and landscape richness. Lush forest areas and extensive green meadows can be found there as well as a beautiful Mediterranean coast and the varied mountains of the Alps. Cities and villages offer architectural treasures from the Middle Ages to the present day. There are numerous worth seeing castles, palaces and palaces that are available for viewing. Art and culture are of great importance. This is reflected in the diverse theater performances, galleries, museums and numerous festivities.

Legends surround the Church of the Assumption of Mary

Lake Bled in the Alps is a popular destination. In the midst of the deep blue water, a small green island with its famous Church of the Assumption of Mary beckons. According to a legend, the widow Polixena, who mourned her deceased husband, had a bell cast for the house of God from all her gold and silver. On the way to the island there was a strong storm and the boat that was supposed to transport the bell to the church sank. Even today, on quiet nights, the ringing of the sunken bell can be heard. The young woman, deeply saddened, withdrew to an order of monasteries in Rome. The Pope personally arranged for a new bell after her death. Everyone who rings the bell in honor of St. Mary today has a wish come true.

Worth seeing castle from the Middle Ages

The medieval Bled Castle is located high above the lake on a 139 meter high cliff. It is the oldest fortress in the country and was the residence of Polixena and her husband. The stately structure was first mentioned in 1011. Over the centuries, which also brought two earthquakes, the structure was damaged several times. The fortifications were later strengthened and more towers and extensions in the Renaissance style were added. These are placed around the inner courtyard and each connected by stairs. A small chapel from the 16th century decorated with beautiful frescoes, various old residential and farm buildings and a drawbridge create a medieval flair.

Museum highlight: 60,000 year old bone flute

In the National Museum of Slovenia in the capital Ljubljana, numerous extraordinary archaeological finds are presented. These testify to the high cultural level of the people of Slovenia already in antiquity. An extensive exhibition with more than 200 stone monuments provides information about the life of the Romans in today's Slovenia. The highlight of the tour is a 60,000 year old flute, which is proudly presented as the world's oldest musical instrument. It was discovered during excavations in the Divje babe (German: Wilde Weiber) caves in the Goriska region and assigned to the time of the Neanderthals. The variety of tones that can be played with the bone flute testifies to high artistic standards thousands of years ago. Book your direct flights to Slovenia and enjoy the cultural treasures of a small country with a moving history.