Why is abortion murder

comment : Absurd statistics: abortion equated with murder

Berlin - A woman who terminates her pregnancy and aborts the fetus in Berlin is, if you follow current studies and statistics, no better than a murderer. At least if she does not undergo the compulsory counseling required by law. It is found in the same statistics as someone who insidiously kills his neighbor. The same is true of a doctor who informs about abortions on his website.

Sounds absurd? However, anyone who reads the Berlin crime statistics and believes what they say can get this impression. Abortion as well as murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide are listed in these statistics as crimes against life. This has been done for years.

Untimely dealing with abortions

However, a study by the German Institute for Economic Research has now been added, in which these data have found their way through OECD statistics. Those who continue their education with this study will come to the conclusion that this woman, with her abortion, also reduces the quality of life of her fellow citizens. Because the DIW uses the numbers from the crime statistics to make a European comparison of life satisfaction.

That is more than problematic. But not only because statistical nonsense was produced here. Once again the question arises as to whether such a definition of homicides makes sense. Perhaps it is time to reopen a bigger package: How timely is it for abortion to appear in the penal code?